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Dover Legislator Seeks Repeal Of NH Second Amendment

“Over intellect will make you a genius, over emotions will make you a lunatic.” ― Amit Kalantri

Ridding Ourselves of Part First, Article 2A

Dover Democrat Peter B. Schmidt wants to snuff out your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Representative Schmidt filed LSR#2020-2262 the title of which is,

Establishing a committee to study the repeal or amendment of the New Hampshire constitutional provision for the bearing of arms.

Not so many years ago, Leftists scoffed at 2A advocates and proponents, charging assorted paranoia and other tinfoil-hattery. “Nobody wants to take your guns away,” they arrogantly scoffed. They called us, “Ridiculous.”

Back Pedaling and Obfuscation will follow
Gun Grabber
Rep. Peter B. Schmidt (D) Dover

Odds are, Representative Schmidt will likely say, “Oh, well this is only a committee to study the issue…get all the conversations right out in the open from both sides.” As it this is some academic exercise.

The conversation will be replete with an assortment of rubber-spined RINO’s looking for their leftist woke love fest, reaching across the aisle in a bi-partisan squishy manner.

Think these left wing lunatics are not going to make a grab for your lawfully owned firearms? Think Again.

The Loons are doubling down

Despite their defeat by veto and the sustaining of those very vetoes, Assault Representative Katherine Rogers filed LSR #2020-2001: imposing a ban on assault weapons in New Hampshire. Rogers alsAssault Rep Rogerso filed LSR #2020-2002: requiring a background check for commercial firearms sales and LSR #2020-2003: imposing a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm. All filed for the 2020 Legislative year.

The time is now for folks to double down. The 2020 Election for the New Hampshire Legislature and Senate must flip both houses. These lunatics are serious about wresting your Second Amendment rights clear away from you.

Indeed. They ARE coming for your guns!

The Democrats are coming for your guns. Do NOT let anybody tell you otherwise.  These Progressives do not care one lick about the safety of your children in schools, or the security and well-being of your family in your homes. They lie, confabulate and make up their arguments out of whole cloth. Volumes, reams and an overwhelming plethora of data and rational arguments have been placed on the table, dismissed and rejected by these Kool-Aid Slurping left-wingers.

It is now up to you, the private citizen, to bone up of the facts about guns, the second amendment and freedom. You must be having those ongoing conversations with your neighbors, friends and relatives. Be an ambassador. Be an advocate. Hours of testimony given at at the legislative hearins is falling on tin-eared leftists who could not give a half a fig about what is important to you and what is the core unbridled truth. Let’s get to work.