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The Quest To Override Governor Sununu’s Gun Control Vetoes

Katherine Rogers and her cadre of Gun control freaks in Concord keep spinning yarns about reducing violence by gun control laws. What violence? Where specifically? The Governor vetoed their legislative screed. Now they will try and override that veto.

Assault Rep Katherine Rogers (D) Concord

Yes Indeed. It is pure nonsense. Fiction. A lie made out of whole cloth. The Leftist progressives up in Concord like Katherine Rogers and the Moms Demand Action crowd expect you to buy into that. Hook, line and sinker.

Governor Sununu was correct when he vetoed the three gun bills in Concord. Now the progressives in Concord are rallying the fellow travelers and the known rubber-spined RINOs to override the veto. They do not have the votes. Let us make sure we keep it that way.

It is not enough for me to come to the pages and tell you, the reader that Democrats lie, These Kool-Aid slurpers are full of crap and their legislative principles are dishonest. Yawns across the Granite State follow because we know this. Here are the facts…The uncomfortable facts from which the Democrats and Hoplophobes run.

There is no nexus between strict gun control and decreasing violent crime rates and killings.

The Brady Campaign against gun violence scores states on the basis of how many gun control laws they have or do not have. The Granite State has a very poor score. Yet, some of the lowest homicide rates in the nation. Alternatively, States with draconian gun control laws, such as Maryland and Illinois, have the nation’s highest homicide rates.

Rep. Debra Altschiller (D) Stratham

Inversely, the data suggests that geographical areas with higher rates of gun ownership tend to have lower homicide rates, according to the Crime Prevention Research Center. European countries such as Britain, Australia, and Ireland experienced a spike in violent crimes following implementation of gun control measures.

The progressives keep telling us all of this model legislation, piped in from outside New Hampshire, through the likes of Michael Bloomberg is necessary. Governor Sununu was correct in his vetoes.

Only a few factors significantly increase the chances you will be killed with a gun.

First and Foremost, Where one lives plays a significant role in firearm-related death. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, There are 3,142 counties in the United States of America. Gun-related homicides were more concentrated in specific areas of those counties.  Fifty-one percent of all murders in America occurred in only two percent of those counties. Roughly 63 counties out of 3,142. The remaining counties had no murders.

Rep. Jan Schmidt (D) Nashua

Abusive partners increases the likelihood for death by firearm. According to a peer-reviewed article in Hastings Law Journal, people involved with an abusive partner are more likely to experience violence by firearm, and more so when the abuser possesses firearms. It is ironic that leftists claim the moral high ground on domestic violence, but seek to remove an abused person’s ability to obtain a firearm for their personal protection. Restraining orders are merely pieces of paper.

Gang members comprise a significant number of gun homicides, as many as thirty-three percent. According to the Department of Justice’s National Gang Center gun-related homicides are directly related to gang and drug activity in urban areas. Gang-related killings are more likely to involve firearms than non-gang-related homicides are.

Males between the ages of fifteen and thirty-four comprise the majority of people murdered with guns. While Black men make up seven percent of the U.S. population, they account for two-thirds of those homicides.

Gun Related Murders and Mass shootings are carried out by a predictable set of people.
Rep. Sherry “F**ker” Frost (D) Dover

 Recent studies suggest that nearly all mass public shooters have storied histories of mental health challenges, bizarre pre-event behaviors and incidences of interpersonal violence. Domestic violence histories are major risk factors for homicide-suicides, even for those not involving intimate partners. In urban areas, recidivist violent offenders are typically responsible for the majority of gun violence within those communities.

Above are the facts. These facts all have links. The Heritage Foundation did a more comprehensive article on these facts. They may be fact-checked by anybody. The same cannot be said about the legislation put forth by the New Hampshire Democrat Party. One need only look at their Twitter Feeds to see the lies.

As citizens, we own a lot of guns. The left asserts that more guns equals more violence. Lie. The left would have you believe that gun violence can spike at any moment at any time. Another Lie. Much more has to happen long before we start seeing those trends. The left asserts that everybody is in danger when citizens own guns. Another Lie. Armed citizens get into less trouble than most. The left views everybody who advocates for guns as violent people. Another Lie. Violent people are in a reasonably predictable group of people.

Today, I encourage each and every one of you to Send an email to your local State Representative encouraging him or her to vote against overriding the veto. Take the time, find who your local rep is and oppose this. It will take you all of five minutes. Can you spare five minutes?