Gun Grabbers, Dr Seuss-Style - Granite Grok

Gun Grabbers, Dr Seuss-Style


6 Years ago (May 3, 2013) with a little time on my hands, I wrote this doggerel based on Dr Seuss Books. I thought it might be a welcome side note to all this turmoil we now face.

You cannot, shall not have a gun,
This banning craze has just begun…
Guns and bullets make me ill,
Pass the Kool-Aid if you will…

You don’t really need a gun,
From violent criminals you can run!
And when the violent felons come …
You have scissors, but don’t you run!

And to defenseless victims who have been raped,
You ask for Kool-Aid flavored grape.
We shall ban your magazines,
For this will stop Mass shooting scenes…

Until we get these background checks,
Town Hall Meetings will we wreck…
We will shout and we will hollar,
All to be done on Bloomberg’s dollar…

We’ll craft some polls and tell more lies,
until the Second Amendment dies.