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The Gun Maker’s Exodus Part II

“The number one job facing the middle class, and it happens to be, as Barack says, a three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S.” —That “Happy Warrior”Vice-President Joseph Biden

MovingSign1That is what he said…and without much credibility because we know that vice president Biden is a stupid person. Alas, the “Happy Warrior.”  This quote is instructive, because on the one hand, vapid lip service is given to the importance of job creation, yet a legal…constitutional activity…gun manufacturing is under siege in the nation. But Joe and his cadre soldiers on…Perhaps he can join Charlie for a visit to Candy Mountain.

Several states, also home to major manufacturers of firearms, have undertaken legislative initiatives that have cause those manufacturers to entertain the option of moving to other venues where they are not under attack.

Connecticut is the home to  four major producers of firearms.  Colt, Stag Arms, Mossberg & Sons, and Ruger call the (former) Constitution state, “home.” A recent report by the National Shooting Sports Foundation says, Connecticut is poised to curtail 1,768 jobs, $13.5 million in business tax revenue and $450 million in overall economic activity as a result of an exodus. The firearms industry accounts for $1.75 billion in economic activity and 7,340 direct and indirect jobs in Connecticut.  Yet, the anti-gun liberals have decided it is this hill they all will die on.

Maryland, New York and Colorado join Connecticut in passing draconian gun restrictions that clearly alter a significant part of their state’s economies. when liberal democrats advocate for Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…they also are picking and choosing “which” jobs, jobs jobs they are advocating for. Green energy…yes….Gun manufacturing, NO.

The Constitution is an obstacle to gun grabbers. It is no wonder that while they are forcing jobs out of their states, while many other states step up and court those jobs. (count New Hampshire out, of course…we have been infected by too many anti-gun liberals, despite our stalwart Second Amendment indigenous populus).

It is regrettable that liberals, who claim to advocate for the working classes will punish that alleged constituency for their own end of banning guns. But then again, pain is a powerful motivator and such losses fuel change.