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More Corporate Virtue Signaling

CVS, Walgreens and Wegmans are the latest corporate #MeToo virtue signalers. On Thursday, September 5, CVS, on their CVSHealth,com site released the following statement:

We support the efforts of individuals and groups working to prevent gun violence, and continually review our policies and procedures to ensure our stores remain a safe environment. We join a growing chorus of businesses in requesting that our customers, other than authorized law enforcement personnel, do not bring firearms into our stores.

Virtue SignalingThese retailers are the latest to divide their customers into two groups: Those who advocate for gun control, and the rest of the bad evil unwashed toad people who love guns and freedom. Did they mean to do that? I cannot say for sure. Corporate Virtue Signaling.

Nevertheless, certainty is that they certainly got the leftist memo and are parroting the progressive talking points. They think they are doing the right thing. Those calling the shots at the top do not live in the same worlds you and I do. I call it the Cuck Life.

Walmart (or FuddMart, as I call it) is a different situation altogether. Unlike Walmart, these retailers are not elbow-to-elbow in the sales of firearms and ammunition.

Virtue Signaling

Personally, I do not open carry. That is not a knock on those who do.  For years, I have been going to establishments with those virtue-signaling signs that read, “No Firearms,” and all the while carrying my usual equipment, status quo. There has never been an issue. Nobody has ever asked if I have weapons on me. I go to the establishment for whatever reason I am there, transact my business and I leave.

However, when business endeavors to make such public proclamation, that virtue signaling has little or no value other than to simply virtue signal. No measure of safety manifestly increases for those customers who shop at these establishments. Here, they are just attempting to be “good Ferengis” (few will understand that reference, but oh well).

This sort of corporate virtue signaling is patently dishonest. First, the corporate hack putting the message forth assumes a degree of ignorance on the part of the customer base. Sheep-like ignorance, because nobody actually reasonably believes this virtue signaling increases customer safety. Anybody who critically thinks about this knows that.

Lastly, there is the policy in operation. Will it work? Is the policy a mere mixed signal? They “request,” customers not bring firearms into their stores. It is a request, not a mandate. Words mean things and these businesses are trying to have their cake and eat it, too.

On the one hand, the perception is that drawing a bright red line and throwing down a mandate will likely be off-putting and will alienate customers. On the other hand, merely requesting that firearms not be brought into establishments implies there is a personal decision to be made.

There are customers who will undoubtedly test the virtue signaliose. They will gleefully and shamelessly enter the store, openly carrying firearms. Here comes Elmer Fudd sporting his Yeet Cannon in an Uncle Mikes Holster, wearing a Little Mermaids Sweatshirt. Will the manager ask him to leave? Will he refuse? Will the manager call the Police? Decisions…decisions.

The worst that can possibly happen is that the Police come and ask the open carry dude to leave. But, with every confrontation in a store, no matter how big or how small, other customers are watching…and judging. Will the staff simply just ignore it? Meanwhile, the corporate hacks in their ivory towers, miles away from these stores, leave the unwashed underlings to sort that situation, unguided by the ambiguous virtue signaling.

There will be a confrontation. There will be a store staff member who, when not working is participating in all things Kool-Aid drinking, progressive left. And this will be an opportunity for that associate to do his/her own level of virtue signaling and infuse the retailer with a dose of her own progressive values. I can hardly wait.

Much like the Pink Pussy hat protests…I was milling around when a young woman wearing a pussy hat called me vile names. I did not respond and went about my business. However, ten days later, I stopped at a Subway for lunch and ordered a Sandwich. There she was… Making my Sandwich.” She did very well and made it just the way I ordered. After paying, I was certain to say, “Thanks for making me a Sandwich!” (Not even a clue to my chauvinistic reference).

I have reached out to CVS’s Joseph Goode specifically to ask for clarification regarding CVS policy. I have not heard back at the time I am writing this.