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Ryan Terrell

NH Executive Council Democrat votes on Ryan Terrell: Bigots and Racists

So much for your Collective Wailing About Oppressed Minorities, eh Executive Councilors Volinsky, Pignatelli, and Cryans? Your vote on Ryan Terrell yesterday was proof that the Civil War / Jim Crow Southern Democrat racists are alive today in NH. All we’ve heard since the death of George Floyd have been Democrats saying that this needs …

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Gracie Gato headshot

Gracie Gato – Wants to do a Class Action lawsuit against “this blogger”? Heh!

So, this California transplant has decided that GraniteGrok needs to be slapped upside our legal head. All because we called out L’il Andru Volinsky for being a pandering, virtue-signaling #Maskhole. She’s a #Maskhole as well (good going, Karen) just the kind of person to keep as away from the Levers of Power as possible.

Andru Volinsky at BLM rally FI

Andru Volinsky – Mask Hypocrite

Yes, Volinsky is wearing a mask. At the recent Black Lives Matter rally. And yes, he’s just being politically correct because, well, that’s who and what he is. Go ahead and ask him “Don’t ALL LIVES MATTER”?

andru volinsky edelblut Education

Comrade Andru Volinsky – Where’s Your Proof?

In a May 19th letter to the Union Leader, New Hampshire Executive Councilor and Democrat candidate for Governor Andru Volinsky makes a casual aside. He implies without providing any evidence that some of the #ReopenNH protesters are paid.

NH Liquor Stores Closing

NH Liquor Stores Closing Some Locations

New Hampshire Liquor & Wine Outlets announced today on Facebook that they will be temporarily closing some of their locations due to a lack of staffing. These closures have already taken effect, according to a spokesperson for the NHSLC outlets. The locations now temporarily closed are: Milford Jaffrey Walpole Lincoln Hinsdale Winchester Swanzey The Governor …

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