Bet on it - Volinsky is going to turn us into NJ: "I will lower your property taxes". - Granite Grok

Bet on it – Volinsky is going to turn us into NJ: “I will lower your property taxes”.

comrade volinsky

Two-term Executive Councilor Andru Volinsky doubled down on his refusal to pledge to veto a sales or income tax Friday as he formally filed his candidacy for governor. Instead, Volinsky created a pledge of his own – he’s calling it “the pledge of the future.” It says,

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“If I am elected governor, I pledge not to balance the state budgtet on the backs of local property taxpayers, but instead I will reduce local property taxes for the majority of ouir [sic] state’s citizens.”

No, he won’t lower your property taxes – he’s lying. You know why? He doesn’t control the spending at the local level (I’d best not give this Socialist any new ideas) – that’s up to your School Board, Selectmen/City Councilors, and Budget Committees and if spending goes up, your wallet is toast.

Many people don’t get that at all – they think that tax rates are some magical function that drives your tax bill. It isn’t – it is directly dependent on how your local government is willing to spend of your money (and the county as well).

Second, and I PROMISE YOU he won’t say anything about this – once one or more of his broad-based taxes are put into place by his Administration, you will have effectively lost your local control forEVER!

You will see your Selectmen taking a knee faster than L’il Andru at a BLM rally, on their knees beseeching State Government for more money. It will FURTHER politicize your taxes as they prostrate themselves before the Oval Office every dime.

And he’ll just be grinning over his new Power.

Or the opposite – they’ll just tax YOU more as they’ll never know what the “Concord gifting” will be via that magical tax exercise of “trickle-down Socialist govt policy.” Think I’m wrong? Tell me – which is easier: demanding changes from the dudes or dudettes in your town or having to slog into Concord all the time to get changes done?

You get to control your taxes via your local elections – that will be gone if he gets elected.

Final result – just like NJ where broad-based taxes were put in place for the exact same reason: “these new taxes will lower your property taxes”. Horsepuckey. Not only didn’t the property taxes stay down, they went up even higher. And the new taxes added to the overall tax burden.

Volinsky is ignoring that our overall tax burden, even with our property taxes, is always amongst the lowest in the nation, year in and year out.

IMHO, he doesn’t believe your money should remain with you – no Socialist does.

“I don’t’ think the governor in my experience has ever talked about or tried to reduce the crushing burden of property taxes in New Hampshire,” Volinsky said in an interview after filing. “He acts as if it doesn’t apply to New Hampshire citizens.

That’s because that’s not how NH taxation works. The State DOESN’T do property taxes – only the education tax that YOU, L’il Andru, had a judge put into place. So, YOU raised my taxes – gonna own up to that?

“That is the top reason to replace him. And given my experience on Claremont, that makes me the better candidate to challenge him.”

Thin gruel, dude, very thin gruel. If that’s your best reason, go kneel back in some park. But now we get to the REAL reason:

“This crisis will require sacrifice, but if everyone pays their fair share, which has not been the case, if everyone sacrifices for the good of the state and we keep all of the options on the table, we can make New Hampshire the kind of state where no one get excluded from our prosperity.”

And you will find out that NOBODY pays their fair share. Just like Clinton that promised lower taxes and then a short few months later said “Sorry, I didn’t realize how bad things were – sorry, you’re not getting that tax cut I promised”.  And no, I have no intention of doing ANY sacrificing for “the good of the State” – because you are pushing the Collective over the Individual, Government over the Individual. That’s what Socialists do – make sure that the State is above everything and everybody.

Guess who that sounds like? The first two guesses don’t count…

On taxes, Volinsky said, “The pledge of the past ties us to a failed system to pay for schools and other important state services. The quality of our schools and how we pay for them are clearly linked.  Volinsky pointed out that New Hampshire has among the highest property taxes in the nation,…

And he WON’T admit to what I just brought up – that overall, our tax burden is far lower than almost every other State.

Takeaway?  Volinsky doesn’t believe YOU pay enough taxes. And pay you will, if he gets elected.