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The other Evil that is Andru Volinsky – that of Greed and Selfishness

Andru Volinsky at BLM rally FI

The greatest lie, as you all know, is that Socialists would have you believe that if you put them into places of Power, they will bring Heaven down to Earth so that all can live a life of Utopia. Well, we all know that almost all Socialists are godless so how would they believe in a Heaven (unless it is to “fool the rubes”)? Further, how would they know what a Heaven on Earth should be? Would they even allow God to step foot on the Earth He created? Have they read the Old and New Testaments parts that describe what Heaven is like – and would they allow such actions (like continual worship of God and not their State)?

I think not. For Socialists, Mussolini has the right of it: “Everything Within the State, Nothing Against the State, Nothing Outside the State“. It is the State that holds primacy – not the Individual. I went back and read the WMUR take on Andru Volinsky’s “promise”:

If I am elected governor, I pledge not to balance the state budgtet [sic] on the backs of local property taxpayers, but instead I will reduce local property taxes for the majority of ouir [sic] state’s citizens.

Hallelujah! The first step towards Nirvana!  Oh wait, I kid. There’s no way that he’ll reduce our overall tax burden which is more important. Socialists, like Volinski and Bernie Sanders, have a projection problem. You see, they are always, ALWAYS calling anyone that “reps” capitalism as being Greedy. That they are actually thieves that steal ordinary folks money. They will cheat and plunder the public. Having done so, they are Selfish – they won’t share and either they spend it on frivolous things (snicker – like Bernie’s 3 homes), private planes and yachts, or just hoard it.

UNREASONABLE given that Socialists only want to GIVE you things. Like Hillary did a while ago:

This is what Socialists do. Now, do you REALLY think they are using their own money to “give you” all this seemingly free stuff? Of course not – it’s your’s. They just won’t admit it.

Worse, they say “fair share” as if they know what that is. Fortunately, this past Democrat Socialist Presidential Primary let us know what that is: from 70-90% were the numbers that were thrown about. So we know what the end result is – well over 100% when you then add in local taxes, county taxes, and State taxes. When this was pointed out that people could be in debt by the time everything was totaled up, the candidates went silent doubled down. When top Pro golfer Phil Mickelson complained that he felt like a serf when his taxes went 60%, the Left came down on him like a ton of bricks; again, Greedy and Selfish were brought out with examples of how much “good” THEY could do with all that money that Mickelson wasn’t doing.

Volinsky just did his double down as well and dropped the mask:

…if everyone sacrifices for the good of the State…

It’s always a mandatory Collective sacrifice for Government from these folks. It’s a play on most Americans’ good nature to help out in need. The problem with these Democrat Socialists is that there is ALWAYS more need – and you need to pony up.

Back to the Waltons (Walmart) and Bezos (Amazon) – always being berated for being rich. Always being denigrated for achieving success. The Socialists do this all the time. What they never talk about is that ordinary people, even with competition easily available, prefer to spend their money with them. Walmart can’t force them to purchase anything from them. Amazon can’t force anyone to do the “one-click” two-step mouse action to fill their cart.  Both rely on the voluntary customers that patronize them. They know that if they don’t provide the product / service value that customers demand and the experience in shopping that is expected, they will go elsewhere.

Back to Andru “Government over People” Volinski. He wants more of your MONEY. He will FORCE you to give it to him (go ahead, try to not pay your taxes and see what Government will do to you). So who is more Greedy? The guys that have to compete for your money or the guy that can just take it?

Sorry, Volinsky is that latter guy. Oh, he makes it sound nice – “if everyone sacrifices for the good of the State”. “Sacrifice” is voluntary, right? That I decide to go without, to give up to the point of being painful (if even past that).

Er, no. When a politician like Volinsky (or any politican, for that matter, but especially Socialists) “asks”, it is NEVER voluntary.  REAL “sacrifice” is voluntary, “ask” means you have the ability to say “No!”. The reason translation is “I want demand more from you – and I WILL take it if I can”. There is no give and take, there is no compromise – Volinsky would have the Force of the State behind them and from History, we know they will use it.

There are Greedy Socialists, they are Selfish Socialists – there are no benevolent Socialists.

Volinsky is a small man (even in his stature).

He now reveals his truer self as being Greedy for what isn’t his and Selfish for taking it.

And he has just plainly told us all his character fault – he has no problem taking anything from anyone for his own purposes.

So, who is the Greedy and Selfish one?

Thought: in the image above, he holds a sign that says “Silence is betrayal”. Would he, in terms of wanting more of your money for his State, write “Saying No is Treason”?