Gracie Gato - Wants to do a Class Action lawsuit against "this blogger"? Heh! - Granite Grok

Gracie Gato – Wants to do a Class Action lawsuit against “this blogger”? Heh!

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So, this California transplant has decided that GraniteGrok needs to be slapped upside our legal head. All because we called out L’il Andru Volinsky for being a pandering, virtue-signaling #Maskhole. She’s a #Maskhole as well (good going, Karen) just the kind of person to keep as away from the Levers of Power as possible.

I guess she never thought of doing some homework in wondering “do they have any lawyers writing there?” as she makes this claim? But for Grins & Giggles:

Like many Progressives, she hasn’t a clue as to what either Constitution has to say about the Right to Free Speech.  Defamation of character?  I would LOVE to see that proved:

Logs. Logs she says. “False narratives should be called out.” Go ahead, deary, put them out there. Let’s see what you got. That we’re snarky? That we aren’t politically correct? That we don’t care at all for the muzzles that Progressives want us all to wear all the time? That we don’t believe that ANYONE has the “right” to not be offended?

Hahahahahahaha!  I’m calling your bluff – put up or shut up.

I also think she thought very little on my very little humor:

I also add that she’s not too thrilled with our own Kimberly as well as other NH folks picking her apart on Twitter as well. What makes this even better is that she’s also a #Maskhole / Mask Karen. She’s also unhappy that most of us here aren’t listening to her Wisdom From On High.

…and we end up with yet another version of “racism”.

You know, if she keeps this up, she’s going to be a lot of blog fodder for us, perhaps even giving Deb Stevens, Sherry Frost, and Jan Schmidt a run for their money. AND! She’s starting a blog at GraniteStateBuzz where:

Founded by Gracie Gato in 2020, disgusted by the GOP and it’s off the wall conspiracy theories. I’ve decided to let the public in, on the GOP’s scare tactics and misleading information to the public.

This should turn out to be….interesting…or something. Shayna punim.