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Comrade Andru Volinsky – Where’s Your Proof?

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In a May 19th letter to the Union Leader, New Hampshire Executive Councilor and Democrat candidate for Governor Andru Volinsky makes a casual aside. He implies without providing any evidence that some of the #ReopenNH protesters are paid.

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As if we should just take him at his word? 

Finally, it is time for the governor to speak out against the “ReOpen NH” rallies. While responsible citizens are social distancing and wearing masks, these protestors–some of whom are reportedly paid–flout all community norms.

We’d love to know who, reportedly, “reported” that? What’s your source, councilor? Was it you? Did you tell yourself that the growing number of attendees had to be Astroturf because who in their left mind would ignore a series of unconstitutional and arbitrary mandates favored by the likes of you?

I’ve attended two of the rally’s (and full disclosure, I have not worn a mask anywhere, ever) and I know a lot of the people attending. They are not paid. I also now most of the core members organizing the events, and none of them are paid, so I’m curious why they’d pay someone else to attend one of their rallies?

We like links, paper trails, screengrabs, proof, so provide some. Whom do we press for their evidence to support your statement? 

Who reported that some of these protesters were paid (presumably) to appear and protest? 

If it can be proven to be reliable or accurate, we’ll report that, but I doubt we’ll get any response.

While we wait, I asked ReopenNH to comment on this, and they were happy to provide it.

“ReOpenNH is a political action committee that publicly files its receipts and expenditures, and anyone with an Internet connection can go to the Secretary of State’s office to see that we’re not paid operatives,” said Andrew J. Manuse, chairman of ReOpenNH. “We are a movement made up of empathetic essential workers who cannot stand to see our fellow citizens suffering at the hands of unlawful edicts suppressing Granite Stater’s ability to support themselves and their families financially with their work or take care of necessary medical procedures, such as physical therapy or cancer screening. We live in a Republic and are demanding its restoration, as it is abundantly clear that we are no longer in any State of Emergency unless you consider the emergency so many hurting people are now facing at the hand of the governor.”

I get it, Comrade Volinsky. Projection, yes?

I’ve seen plenty of Craig’s List ads offering money to pay protesters or counter-protestors (here’s one example, and here’s another). Then there are the signs outside the Supreme Court with a blank space, so the assembled horde can write in the name of the person that offends them as soon as someone tells them who it is. Hey, anyone got the Sharpie!? And somewhere we have some stories about protester-on-the-street-interviews with supposed left-wing activists who have no idea what the sign they are holding means.

You guys do it, so we must. 

I’m not saying it could never happen, but I’ve been at this for a while. No one has ever offered to pay me to show up and attend anything. No one has ever paid me to write a post on for them either. There are no check stubs from the Koch brothers. And I know of no one who has ever been paid ‘specifically’ to protest or counterprotest anywhere in New Hampshire. Maybe it happens, but if it does, at least in this case, where’s your proof?

And no, I don’t expect you to send me any, but that ball is in your court, and until you provide some, we’ll assume there isn’t any.

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