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Ukrainian Burisma Money Laundering Indictment Points To People In the Obama White House


The Ukraine circus is getting more interesting. No, not Adam Schiff’s Star Chamber on impeachment & circuses. The one in Ukraine. The Office of the Prosecutor General indicted Burisma owner Nikolai Zlochevsky for money laundering. And it points to the Obama White House.

If you’ve not heard the story, Zlochevsky is alleged to have been doing other people’s laundry. About 7.5 billion dollars worth – a sum that has attracted some attention. And not just because Ukraine claims Hunter Biden’s attachment to Burisma resulted in a take if 16.5 million. Money that has nothing to do with his complete lack of knowledge about energy or gas but probably relates in some predictable way to the name ‘Biden.’ The investment firm doing the laundry has close ties to Barack Obama. Joe Biden. Lt. Col Alexander Vindman. Perhaps a few members of the US State Department. And maybe a George Soros funded operation “fighting corruption.”

Funny, you ask, what do they mean when they say “fighting.”

I confess some of those names are speculative but not the big ones. The Biden’s are obviously up to their neck on whatever it is Joe says the Obama Administration signed off. As for Barry-O, he’s got fresh trouble because of John Templeton Jr., and Thomas Donilon.

We’ve seen that Vindman has close ties to the previous Ukrainian government, dating back to Yanukovych and his successor Petro Poroshenko, while this alleged money-laundering scheme was taking place. The connection to the Franklin Templeton Fund is interesting because John Templeton, Jr. was a major Obama campaign donor, and Thomas Donilon, who was Obama’s National Security Advisor before Susan Rice and is now the chairman of BlackRock Investment Institute, a major owner of Franklin Templeton stock.

Vindman is a holdover from the Bamster years, embedded at the NSC. Donilon, well – let his bio tell you who he is to Barack Obama.

He served as National Security Advisor to President Barack Obama. In that capacity Mr. Donilon oversaw the U.S. National Security Council staff, chaired the cabinet level National Security Principals Committee, provided the president’s daily national security briefing, and was responsible for the coordination and integration of the administration’s foreign policy, intelligence, and military efforts. Mr. Donilon also oversaw the White House’s cybersecurity and international energy efforts. Mr. Donilon served as the President’s personal emissary to a number of world leaders.

Not a casual acquaintance but watch Obama distance himself from him now. “Who? O I..uh-hardly knew him!”

Under the Obama Administration, former Ukrainian Ambassador Marie Yovanovich, like Biden, like the Soros funded group working with the State Department, were all supposed to be focused on fighting corruption. There’s that word again. I don’t think it means what they think it means.

But while all this corruption-fighting was underway Joe’s kid Hunter gets a sweetheart payoff from Burisma. Joe (who is in charge of Ukraine) gets close to a million for himself. All while 7.5 Billion is alleged to have been laundered through a “fund” whose primary players are a major Obama donor and the President’s “personal emissary” (under the watchful anti-corruption eye of a group funded by perhaps the biggest Democrat donor in history, George Soros).

During this series of events, Ukraine got leveraged by the Obama Administration to fire a prosecutor in exchange for a billion in US aid, probably because that prosecutor was getting too close to what we are learning today.

Somebody was engaged in a record number of quid pro quos, and no one is named Trump.

While I’m feeling giddy. A wistful sort fo what-if the Uranium One deal with Russia doesn’t somehow tie into all of this; a rediculous grab-your-ankles-or-else payoff to keep Russia (who probably has news to share) quiet.

That last bit may be a bit of fancy too far, but not nearly as wild an idea as the Democrat’s grounds for impeaching Trump based on a phone call from which NOT one “witness” can identify a crime, let alone a high crime. And if that’s the standard for a presumption of guilt, we’ll, we’ve got lots of wiggle room.

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Correction: An early version of this post was missing the word NOT in the second to last last sentence.