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Obama Admin Tried to Launder Green Energy Cash Through Hunter Biden’s Burisma


The Obama Administration famously used climate change fearmongering to create a massive slush fund. Energy agency grants they wanted to hand out like candy and launder through “companies” run by or invested in by donors and ideological allies. Including Burisma.

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After Hunter Biden and Devon Archer were added to the Board of the Ukrainian gas company, their consulting firm began to move toward securing green energy cash from the Obama Administration. (Keep in mind, Burisma is a gas and oil company. Not a green energy company). From John Solomon:

(Former US Embassy former charge d’affair’s George) Kent’s testimony confirms earlier text messages I reported on in September. Those text messages show that Devon Archer — Hunter Biden’s business associate and fellow board member on Burisma — boasted to an American lawyer in December 2015 that the pair was seeking to do a project with USAID.

Kent moved to block the deal, informing USAID that corruption allegations against Burisma were a concern.

(Devon) Archer’s text to the lawyer suggested he was working on a strategy to counter the “new wave of scrutiny” about Burisma caused by the Times’ story. He stated that he had just met at the State to discuss a new “USAID project the embassy is announcing with us” and that it was “perfect for us to move forward now with momentum.”

Allegations investigated by a certain Ukrainian prosecutor.

And internal State memos I obtained this week under FOIA show Hunter Biden and Archer had multiple contacts with Secretary of State John Kerry and Deputy Secretary Tony Blinken in 2015-16, and that Burisma’s own American legal team was lobbying State to help eliminate the corruption allegations against it in Ukraine.

Whom Joe Biden demand be fired in exchange for releasing a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine – a move we know was approved by the White House.

Hunter Biden’s name was specifically invoked as a reason why State officials should assist, the memos show. A month after Burisma’s contact with State, Joe Biden leveraged the threat of withholding U.S. foreign aid to force Ukraine to fire its chief prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, who at the time was overseeing the Burisma probe.

But Joe didn’t know anything about his son’s business dealings; he didn’t know about the USAID deal; the corruption allegations (even though his task was to help Ukraine root out corruption); any contacts with the Department of State, or the reasons why the Obama Administration would withhold a Billion in aid to Ukraine to stop an investigation; that was preventing USAID from laundering tax dollars through another Green energy scam with a Ukrainian oil and gas company on whose board sat Biden’s son Hunter. Two people with political connections, getting large payouts for having no experience in oil, gas, or even green energy.


It’s all a coincidence.

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