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Ukraine: Joe Biden Received 900,000.00 Dollars from Burisma for Lobbying

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It’s time for your daily Biden-Ukraine Corruption update. Joe, that was all investigated and cleared Biden has a new problem on top of his old one. A Ukrainian Minister has just released a document that claims Joe Biden received nearly a Million Dollars from Burisma.

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Not Hunter Biden, though as noted yesterday, he got himself a lot more cash than either Biden was letting on; we’re talking about ‘Lunchbox Joe.’

MP Andriy Derkach told reporters that former Vice President Joe Biden had received $900,000 for lobbying activities from Burisma Holdings, a Ukrainian natural gas company founded and owned by Mykola Zlochevsky. The notation on the funds transfer allegedly said, “for consultative services.”

To be fair to Biden, the money appears to have been laundered through his son Hunter’s Lobbying firm. So, it’s possible the money was filtered through for one Biden or the other. Neither looks good. Because the sums we’re talking about are getting very large.

Neither Hunter nor his company has any experience in Oil and gas. At the time of these transactions, Joe was the White House, got to guy on Ukraine. Joe admitted withholding a billion dollars in aid if Ukraine did not fire the guy investigating his son’s connections to Burisma payments.

You can fill in the blanks, but that the rate this is developing you won’t have too. It will all be public.

But hey, Joe! You keep talking up this latest Trump scandal. So. far, it’s working out great. For Republicans, except perhaps for Mitt Romney. 

I wonder he has any ties to Burisma?

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