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#NHEconomy goes BOOM – again – in December

Thanks to AFP-NH State Director Greg Moore for the headline and the link. I think Democrats must be disappointed, though. Their budget deal requires the economy to tank before they can raise taxes. They agreed to that.


Democrat NH House Passes Red Flag Law

With Democrats in the majority, the latest Red Flag bill will pass through the legislature like s**t through a goose. And it’s halfway there. Today the NH House voted to advance the legislation. 


I Miss The Old Jennifer Horn

I miss the old Jennifer Horn. When you were just starting out in politics in New Hampshire. You were reasonable and you had real Republican ideals. It is very disappointing to see such a decline from those principles over the years.


Budget Compromise Reached – Will It Pass?

The budget showdown appears to be over, with a compromise reached between Governor Sununu, the Democrat majorities, and Republican leadership.  For months now the State has operated under a continuing resolution passed in late June, but when legislators meet tomorrow at 1pm in both the House and Senate the State could be one step further …

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