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Could the Biden Family Be Dirtier Than We Imagined – Yes!

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One of the rat leftist’s pull-toy refrains goes like this (pull string). “Trump’s Kids Work in the White House!” By which they mean political self-enrichment. Well, I can’t speak to that beyond the fact that none of them are on the White House payroll. But wait until you hear about Joe’s family!

Peter Schweitzer’s new book focuses on political corruption and guess who features heavily? The Biden Five!

Hunter Biden was not the only family member to reap financial rewards from his father’s lofty position. Instead, it was a family affair, which is why Schweizer dubs them the “Biden 5.” Schweizer documents how Joe Biden’s brothers, James and Frank, were offered lucrative positions and sweetheart deals (including government contracts) due to Joe’s influence. He explains that this group also “includes his daughter, Ashley, through her husband and a business, who literally set up in the White House, with Joe Biden’s help. And you’ve got his sister Valerie. All of them benefited from the political power and influence of Joe Biden and they cashed in during this period.”

Two examples having nothing to do with Hunter and Ukraine include,

  • Younger brother James scored a contract to build 100,000 houses in Iraq while Joe was Obama’s point man in Iraq.
  • His brother Frank received a contract to build a resort in Costa Rica when Joe was (guess?) Obama’s point man in Costa Rica.

Frank knew next to nothing about building resorts, the same way Hunter knew nothing about Ukraine or natural gas (When Joe was the point Man in Ukraine). And while Biden had been,

 “…a prominent senator before that, but the ship really came in as far as these financial deals when he was Vice President. Because all of these entities either wanted something from him or they wanted to please the Vice President of the United States and the Biden family got rich as a result.”

Joe Biden used his eight years as VP to make his family very rich while the so-called investigative journalists did nothing. Not a peep. 

Instead, they are not only defending him in Ukraine; they are trying to help Dems pin it on Trump. What’s next, the Iraq housing gig and the Costa Rica resort? There’s more. And not just about the Bidens. But Joe used his office to enrich friends and family. Details his opponents might not be keen to explore (don’t dirty the party), but the Trump campaign will. As will (probably) millions of readers around the globe.

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