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Nancy Pelosi’s Son Paul May Have a Ukraine Energy Connection/Scandal Too!


A new name can be added to the exciting cabal of likely Ukraine-Democrat corruption. Paul Pelosi. Paul is the son of politician/millionaire Speaker of the US House, Nancy Pelosi. And Paul has an energy company with dealings in Ukraine.

Junior Pelosi’s company, Viscoil is under investigation for securities fraud. It seems as though the public management of the company, which included Paul Pelosi, Jr., as President and COO, was actually a Potemkin arrangement that hid the fact that the company was actually controlled by a pair of convicted felons.

It looks like Paul’s company was one of many that popped up (in 2010) to tap into the Obama Administrations’ redistribution of billions into new energy technology. Scores of connected insiders took advantage of the influx of tax dollars that were wasted on such epic failures as Solyndra.

Money laundered through a green-energy pipedream that enriched a select few at the expense of taxpayers and investors.

Paul Pelosi, whose mother was speaker of the US House from 2008-2010 (and who directed both budgets to fund these programs and committees with oversight), clearly benefitted from these relationships. But no one seems to be looking at those quite yet. Because ‘Ukraine!’

Paul Pelosi’s business, which claims to have focused on developing cleaner technologies that included gas and oil, somehow found himself linked to Ukraine, and that should not be considered a coincidence. 

It would be wise for us to wonder how many other children of powerful Democrats found success in clean energy or Ukraine’s energy business, over the Obama years.

And were any of them other than Hunter Biden involved in kickback schemes in exchange for an inside path to high ranking US officials who could manipulate US policy?


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