The Left is No Longer Hiding from the Tyranny of Their Worldview - They are Preaching It. - Granite Grok

The Left is No Longer Hiding from the Tyranny of Their Worldview – They are Preaching It.

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Frederica Wilson (D – Big Shiny Hats) is convinced the government should silence and prosecute people who criticize members of Congress. I can only assume that means she supports extra-judicial silencing of the same.

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Journalist Andy Ngo got beat up by communists (Antifa) last Saturday while the liberal mayor said nothing. His Police Chief’s answer was to ask for more power to suppress speech. MiniAOC was driven off the internet just the other day after being doxxed: multiple death threats to private phone numbers of the family because they were making fun of Democrat Commie-Princess Ocasio-Cortez.

We’ve got past Democrat presidential candidates promising intimidation and disorder from the Left and the sitting Democrat Speaker of the US House of Representatives making it clear that you may find yourself a victim of their pursuit of power and, oh well.

Even liberal business owners are in on it so, when we hear it from Frederica Wilson she is parroting the Party policy.

What’s It Going to Take?

I’m curious just how much more of this we need to hear before the undeclared and Independent voters realize what the promise of Democrat Rule brings? Because it’s not just about the free stuff not being free. It is about being unable to speak out against that lie or any other.

Obama spied on you and the press. His administration and their water carriers pushed campaigns to get your children, friends, and neighbors to watch and report on you. And again here, and here and here. The progressive political state staged a coup that is still unraveling because you picked the wrong candidate.

Prominent Democrats with police powers threatened to investigate and charge anyone who dared to disagree with them on Climate Cult dogma.

The Democrat party has been pushing anti-speech legislation under cover of campaign finance reform for years. Here in New Hampshire, we have Democrat state reps calling the reporting of their actual voting records or any examination of the words they wrote or spoke, attacks.

Using the threat of police involvement to stop or suppress that reporting.

Google and Facebook, and Alexa are listening, all run by leftist-conglomerates happy to suppress your speech on the one hand while more than willing to turn some of that over to the government on the other – assuming it harms the right people.

And while lawsuits and enormous rewards for violation of your rights are nice, the courts are run by the same government.

Help Me Obi-Wan Kenobi…

You are not helpless. You can stop voting for people who encourage this sort of behavior. Share these facts with anyone who might not yet be aware of the threat the left poses to their property, peace, and privacy. Their very thoughts, words, and beliefs.

And while we could lay down thousands of words to nit-pick how government already infringes our rights, we appear to be at a tipping point. The Left is serious. They are no longer hiding their commitment to Socialism, which is to say Communism. It is a line they mean to drag us across if we let them.

People need to understand this. They need to hear the words and see the trend. The Left is no longer hiding or dismissing the tyranny their worldview inevitably demands, they are preaching it.

We need to make sure voters are listening.