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Portland Police Chief’s Response to Not Policing Antifa – Give Me More Power!

Portland Police Chief Danielle Outlaw

Journalist Andy Ngo got beat up by Antifa. The far-left group, along with Portland’s Democrat Socialists for America, attracted hundreds to counter protest a tiny prayer group. The resulting violence and destruction were met with criticism but wait till you see how the Portland PD Chief has finally responded.

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Breaking the Silence.

The police chief held a press conference to address the street violence last Saturday. Her response

Police Chief Danielle Outlaw said Wednesday the city, police and community need “a better way” to address protest groups bent on brawling on Portland streets and called for laws that would bar masks worn by demonstrators, allow police to fully videotape protests and give authorities greater control of protests by groups with a history of violence.

The response from chief outlaw is an anti-mask law, increased surveillance powers, and (sounds like) the authority to silence free speech for “groups” she decides “have a history of violence.”

For anyone stuck in the ideological cheap seats, that’s code but not for ensuring that all voices have the right to be heard. That would be the first amendment. Chief Outlaw (yes, Outlaw) is referring to the arbitrary power of the state to deny permits to groups labeled by the Left has hate groups or anyone who attracts violence by Leftist protesters.

That would be a significant win for the socialist-Antifa activists and Democrats. It is why they come out en masse and engage in their destructive behavior. Democrat party leaders have confirmed this repeatedly. No peace until we win. Collateral damage, so be it.

State-sanctioned disorder (silent Portland Mayor’s for example) give the appearance of anarchy. The State says it can maintain order if you give us the authority to act. Exchange a bit more liberty for the promise of security.

“There are barriers to what we’re doing because we don’t have strategic resources to get ahead of these things,’’ the chief said.  …

“We cannot allow people to continue to use the guise of free speech to commit a crime,’’ Outlaw said. “A lot of people are emboldened because they know they can’t be identified.’’

Do not for one moment be dismissive of the totalitarian tone. This thinking does not end with masked street thugs. It sets us on a path that could make anonymous speech of any kind more challenging — also a goal of the left.

If they can identify who is supporting opponents or opposing ideas, they’ll know where to send the mob. And they will.

And no, they never will deliver the promised peace and security. That’s a lie too.

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