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Red Hen Restaurant Owner: Sounds Like She’s Saying Right Should Expect Abuse Until Democrats Win

Red Hen Restaurant -Stephanie Wilkinson

This recurring theme is both fascist and totalitarian, but then, that’s where Democrats are as a party. It is where you will find their leadership and higher profile water carriers. Your ideas are evil, so we can be mean to you until you sit down, shut up, and let us win.

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Hillary, Pelosi, Prof. Mark Bray wrote a book justifying it, it’s everywhere. No Peace. Collateral damage. And now, Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of the infamous Red Hen Restaurant (that tossed Sarah Sanders and family out for being Trump people) is adding her spit to the vinegar.

In an editorial published by the Washington Post, Wilkinson uses a lot of words to get to this point.

So when the day comes that the world feels returned to its normal axis, I expect we’ll see fewer highly charged encounters making headlines. In the meantime, the new rules apply. If you’re directly complicit in spreading hate or perpetuating suffering, maybe you should consider dining at home.

When the day comes…as in one-party Democrat state.

She’s right about one thing. The normal axis of human history aligns with totalitarian rule, either by Kings, Oligarchs, Despots, or some other organized tyranny – like Democrats.

This is the culture and promise from the left. And yes, Stephanie is free to decide, as a private business owner, whom she serves, but that’s not what she’s advertising. The new rules (her words) are the old rules. They are what we saw happen to Andy Ngo. It’s the uncivil until win, “don’t care who gets hurt” mentality of the Left.

If you are hiding as an Independent or undeclared that won’t protect you. Anyone who isn’t on-board or silent about not being on-board should expect increasing intolerance from the Left.

You can’t call people your enemies by day and expect hospitality from them in the evening.

The larger question here, Stephanie, is why you think they are your enemies. Nine times out of ten, you declare them your enemies because they believe unborn babies might be people. Or, that illegal aliens should not come before homeless veterans. Or if I think the money I earn is not something you should petition the government to take to advance your political priorities.

It’s a Violent little Dance Number

There are more examples, most of which should not justify getting things thrown at you, physical violence, doxxing or street mob justice, or getting mistreated by someone in the hospitality industry.

What this says, along with Hillary, Nancy, Bray, and others, is we don’t need you because we intend to beat you into submission (and take your s**t). And you’ll like it.

I’m here to tell you, sister, no, we won’t. There’s a point at which the cheek turning stops and the lawsuits get going. Oberlin is learning the hard way, and they’ve still not learned a damn thing. Why?

I believe this endless provocation and abuse are meant to get someone to retaliate to the degree that advances your agenda of control. If a few, a few thousand, or a few hundred thousand (or more) people need to die for the left to get what they want, we are a sacrifice they are willing to make.

I’m not interested in that, but people have a right to defend themselves and they will. If we’d like to ensure it never comes to that, maybe the Left could stop with the incitement to violence crap. It’s not helping.

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