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Antifa in Portland Rough Up Reporter – Democrat Mayor and His Police Chief Silent


A Portland Patriot Prayer Group held a ‘Him-Too’ gathering. In response, hundreds of Antifa thugs showed up along with members of Democratic Socialists of America of Portland to stop it.

Or, maybe they were just looking for another reason to mess up part of Portland.

Antifa is a socialist militant domestic terror group. The left’s modern-day red-shirts in black (there’s plenty of red-shirts still, fear not). Democratic Socialists of America are the same people. Same priorities. They say socialism but they mean communism. And they live for any opportunity to use Marxist social justice dogma (which includes violence) to infringe on the rights of others.

Visiting Dartmouth professors are applauded for writing books justifying it.

Another thing that is not surprising, the liberal Mayor of Portland has allowed Antifa free reign (of terror) in the city. They organize and march in ‘counter-protest,’ effectively projecting his will without much fear of interference or any tangible ties to his office. Until now.

At the weekend event journalist, Quillette Editor Andy Ngo got roughed up. Ngo has been documenting hoax crimes as well as reporting on Antifa “events.” If you recall, in the early days of the most recent public rise of Antifa (they’ve been around since 1932) the media fawned over them. When they realized that advertising the unconstitutional actions of Marxist street thugs was bad for the Leftist brand those stories went dark. Ngo and others have been risking their bodies and lives to make sure there is a record of the violence and intimidation.

And Ngo got himself beat up.

The left supports acts of violence against anyone they see as a political threat. When the powers that be are leftist, looking the other way comes naturally – Antifa has been operating non-stop with little comment from the progressive media, allowing them to operate without comment. But when a Kid in a MAGA hat is caught on video smiling at a Native American beating a drum in his face all hell breaks loose.

Neither Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler nor his police chief said a word. 

The Police were not absent. They were there in numbers, just not to help Any Ngo.

Reporters from the Oregonian and a Local Fox News Channel documented the Leftists throwing eggs, milkshakes, Newspaper stands, trash cans, and even patio furniture. 

What no homeless poo?

Wait, that would require these activists to do something useful and destructive. But as we all know, this movement is about using violence to get productive people to grow government, pay off student loans, finance sex change operations, and to backstop health care for illegal aliens.

And to silence anyone who thinks those are bad ideas or doomed to fail.

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