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Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC versus Trump - stupid question

AOC May Get “Gerrymanded” Out of Her Congressional Seat?

This is pretty funny. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was already passed over (er, snubbed) for a high visibility seat on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and this write up in the NY Post alludes to what may be happening to her next .

Should Americans Refuse To Go Back To Work?

Should Americans Refuse To Go Back To Work?

A question before us is: When the all-clear sounds, should Americans refuse to go back to work? Interestingly Democrat leadership is split. Speaker Pelosi thinks Americans can exist on ice cream from her freezer. That’s her plan.

Hell Freezes Over: Where I Agree with Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) is an openly socialist (she means Marxist) Democrat from New York City. In her short time upon the “stage,” this novice of living, let alone legislating, has managed to create a political brand and a following, and she just did something remarkable. She said something with which I agree.

AOC screen grab earth has 12 years

AOC: Environmental Racism is an Underlying Health Condition

Alexandria Ocasio Coranvirus just made something up. Yes, again. She claims that black and brown people are more seriously affected by the pandemic because of environmental racism. To borrow from the Bongino Report. She made that up. Racial data on coronavirus victims doesn’t exist yet.