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Granite Grok’s Top Twenty Posts For 2012

Granite Grok's TopTwenty most commented on posts for 2012Hot Air does this every year, so I figured I’d give it a shot.  It is a compilation of the posts that got the most comments in 2012.  That’s right, this is comment based.

And I can tell you, since I have a few posts on this list, that how well you write, or how clever you are, is not nearly as important as hitting the right note at just the right time.  That or some much more interesting tangents pop up in comments and then take on a life of their own.

However they got there, here are the twenty most commented on Grok posts of 2012 whether the comments are related to the post or not!

20.) So, gay activists, where do you think this will end up? We’ve all asked the question…if two men getting married is a right, why not three?  Skip provides a cartoon and some comments, and attracts all the right kind of attention for his effort.

19.) Oh, so THAT’s what they look like! Susan Olsen shares with us the ‘Journalists Guide to Firearms identification. Proof that a picture is worth a thousand words, or at least a bunch of comments.

18.) Meet Another State Employee Wasting Taxpayer Time Online Dick de Seve wasn’t the only state employee with way too much free time on their hands, and open access to the Internet.  In this post we meet Gaia, who made deSeve look like an armature.

17.) “Using The Internet to Sell his Political Agenda On Your Time?” One of many follow-up posts on the Dick deSeve, DES online debacle, but in this one Skip asks, what is the State policy regarding state employees using state equipment to blog and comment, did he violate those policies, and wouldn’t you know, he has the policy with him.

16.) Using the Law to ‘Legally’ Steal Elections? The last minute change to domicile rules more or less invalidating any teeth an ID law might have, allowing almost anyone with any ID from anywhere to say they lived here to vote here…probably cost us a few races.  So GraniteGrok decided to collect checklists from before and after , just so we could see who was new “in town” –every town.  We’re still on it, but this is the post that sent out the call.

15.) Blogging The Truth Can Be Dangerous – Stacy McCain at an Undisclosed Location Talking about Brett Kimberlin can be dangerous and Grok friend Stacey McCain found himself on the lam and blogging from secret locations.  Mike reports, readers respond.

14.) So, Greg Carson, Secretary of the NH GOP is demanding “unity” What happens on Facebook often ends up on GraniteGrok.  In this installment of Facebook Doodlings, Skip explores a conversation about House Minority leader, Republicans, Libertarians, and more.

13.) Encountering ‘Tea-Baggers’ On the Path To Restoring Civility to Concord. In the duplicitous world of the liberal mind it is perfectly acceptable to claim you will be more civil while supporting candidates who are anything but.

12.) A Conservative Solution to The Public School Lunch Circular Firing Squad I’ve written about a half -dozen posts about the Feds meddling in public school lunch programs.  This one observes the problem again–from the perspective of newly reported issues in Derry,  NH, and suggests a solution–just in case someone in the legislature happens to be paying attention.

11.) Democrat NH House Rep Cindy Rosenwald – About That 800 Million Dollar Deficit Cindy Rosemwald, a NH Democrat House rep on the finance committee attempts to prove that Republican reports of an 800 million dollar Democrat deficit are a myth and ends up admitting it is real in the process.

10.) Is A NH Public Employee Using The Internet to Sell his Political Agenda On Your Time? We followed a Tip, and exposed a DES employee surfing the net and sharing their union and political opinions on state time.  This lead to a slew of posts on the issue by several Groksters, and some quality time with the nice folks who claim to run the NH D.E.S.

9.)  Breaking: Andrew Hemingway to run for NH GOP Chair Granite Grok broke this st.ory.  One reporter even asked Skip if he would have to start reading the Grok to find out what was going on in NH?

8.)  A thought from watching Meet The Press’s host, liberal David Gregory  David Gregory hectors Wayne LaPierre of the NRA on Meet The Press.  Gregory is one of many liberals who are against armed guards in public schools but whose kids have armed guards in their private  schools.

7.)  The Gay Marriage Report Card It’s got the words ‘Gay’ and ‘Marriage’ and Report, in it.  That’s like waving raw meat in front of wild carnivores.

6.)  “The Free State Project and New Hampshire…“..the luckiest state in the history of the United States.  A well received rah! rah! shout out t0 Free Staters and a comment magnet as well.

5.)  Men Have No Say? Then Why Make Them Pay?   You’ve no doubt heard of the EULA, the End Users License Agreement?  Well I Invented the VULVA.  The Vaginal Use Liability Verification Agreement.  Sarcasm may be the lowest form of humor but it works.

4.)  Unhappy Muslims! The unhappy Muslims live in Muslim countries, the Happy Muslims live in non Muslim countries, sometimes the obvious is the most fertile ground for debate.

3.)  On A Path To Less Government or More? The question was whether medical Marijuana would put us on a path to less government or more.  Just asking the question was more than enough to rile up some readers.

2.)  Developing….Political Bias in Merrimack High School…Evolves: Teachers with Obama signs in the classroom, extra credit for working at the Manchester OFA office…and comments ensue.  (I still have the pictures, by the way.)

1.)  Democrat Maggie Hassan – Lives In A Half Million Dollar Home, Pays No Property Taxes: Coming in at Number One for 2012, this post is proof that you don’t need to spend a lot of time laboring over your blogging opus to drive comments.  All I did was cross post a video.


There you have it.  The Grok’s Top 20 for 2012.  Happy New Year and keep commenting!



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