Meet Another State Employee Wasting Taxpayer Time Online

by Steve MacDonald

We thought DickNH was trying to set a record for a state employee posting comments at the Concord Monitor on taxpayer time.  He was posting comments and promoting his Democrat union agenda during office hours.  But since our discovery and the ongoing effort to pursue a 91-A Right to Know Request to determine just how deep and wide this rabbit hole goes, at least three things have become clear.

1) Prior to March 7th 2012 Dick de Seve (DickNH) was misappropriating significant amounts of taxpayer time and services on State equipment to advance his own personal political agenda, if not more than that.

2) The Department of Environmental Services seems to be in bureaucratic duck and cover mode because the abuse went on almost daily on a public platform for more than three years without notice.

3) Mr. de Seve is not the only state employee whiling away their taxpayer funded days commenting at the NH Democrat Party paper of record, the Concord Monitor.  (We’ll get around to the other papers, be patient.)

We’d like you to meet Gaia, the handle of another state employee whose internet abuse may just put Dick de Seve to shame.

How many Internet Junkies are there in State Government?Gaia’s own words reveal them to be a New Hampshire state employee, who is in the public employee union, and posts almost exclusively during weekdays and office hours, just like our good friend DickNH.  Follow that link and read.  You won’t need to look far.  There is almost no effort whatsoever to hide the fact and over 100 comments pages worth.  Make sure you look at the dates and times, we did.

Gaia’s reign of remarkable free time (on your time) began at the Monitor in March of 2009 and as of 10:38am yesterday morning, had found the opportunity to not just read articles and other comments online at the Concord Newspaper, but to respond almost 1200 times.

And I have to bet that the handle ‘Gaia’ is starting a few fresh migraines over at the NH Department of Environmental Services, a division that attracts the very sort of people who might use the word Gaia as a handle.

We’re not prepared to reveal who this is yet nor are we saying they work at DES.  We are still exploring where else they may be spending our valuable tax dollars during office hours.  But given the grotesque abuse represented by the time spent at the Concord Monitor, we felt compelled to give you something fresh to chew on.

We also wanted to remind all “parties concerned” about this.

637:8 Theft of Services. –
I. A person commits theft if he obtains services which he knows are available only for compensation by deception, threat, force, or any other means designed to avoid the due payment therefore. “Deception” has the same meaning as in RSA 637:4, II, and “threat” the same meaning as in RSA 637:5, II.

II. A person commits theft if, having control over the disposition of services of another, to which he knows he is not entitled, he diverts such services to his own benefit or to the benefit of another who he knows is not entitled thereto.

III. As used in this section, “services” includes, but is not necessarily limited to, labor, professional service, public utility and transportation services, restaurant, hotel, motel, tourist cabin, rooming house and like accommodations, the supplying of equipment, tools, vehicles, or trailers for temporary use, telephone or telegraph service, gas, electricity, water or steam, admission to entertainment, exhibitions, sporting events or other events for which a charge is made.

IV. This section shall not apply to the attachment of private equipment to residential telephone lines unless the telephone company can prove that the attached equipment will cause direct harm to the telephone system. Attached equipment which is registered with the public utilities commission shall not require a protective interconnecting device. If the telephone company cites this section in its directories or other customer informational material, said company shall duplicate the entire section verbatim therein.

Source. 1971, 518:1. 1977, 175:1, eff. Aug. 7, 1977


Image credit: scraped from Stu’s Blog


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  • C Dog_e Dog

    Hey Steve –
    I forgot about good ol’ Gaia.  I’m sure you’ll find plenty of Statist drivel from that pie-hole.  I’m embarrassed to say it never occurred to me at the time that all these State-hive drones were on the clock when they were contributing their finest to the NH dialogue taking place down at the Concord Moronitor fish wrapping service.  Thanks for digging up yet another body poli-tick.  I bet you might find a few schoolmarms while you’re at it.
    – C. dog

    • Anonymous

       C Dog if in one of your nightmares about the bilge diving days at the Monitor cause you to recall the handles or names of any other likley suspects, please feel free to share them with us.

      We love to investigate a good lead.  I know you are not shy.

      • GOP State Employee

         Hey, I might have a lead for you on GAIA’s identity.  I can tell you that they live in Contoocook.  Ahh yes traveling on Route 103…..

        I will contact you anonymously offline and see if we can’t ID this person stealing from the taxpayers.

        By the way this person thinks highly of their enlightenment.  GAIA refers to the Gaia movement:

        The Gaia Movement is an international network of individuals
        and groups that share a concern for living more sustainably on the
        earth. The term “Gaia” comes from Greek mythology, where it is the name of the Goddess of the Earth. In the late 1960s, independent ecologist and environmentalist James Lovelock used the name in his Gaia hypothesis, which posits that the earth is a superorganism.
        This theory has gained much support in the environmentalist movement.
        Its use here is similar to the Feminist Movement or the Civil Rights

        Another one going down……….

        • George

           Yes I do know who this is.  I will send you an email with the name Steve.  Gaia is a 30 year State of NH employee but I am surprised.  What is the best way to reach you Steve?

          • Anonymous


            So, Steve@GraniteGrok:disqus .com

            Skip@Granitegrok:disqus .com

            And so on…

          • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

       C Dog we do have at least one School teacher in the hopper and under review but that one has been outsourced to someone we can trust who lives in their SAU.  We’re holding on to that one for a bit while they do some local digging.

  • Jimbo

    You have to be kidding me!  Another state hack getting away with theft of state property and time.   If you don’t believe that hiring at the state level is based on who you know and political ideology, think again folks!

  • Sully

    Let’s ask the question to Gaia:  Is that you John?  

    • GOP State Employee

       My thoughts exactly, Sully.  We have the same person in mind

      • Anonymous

        Removed by Author

        • Just to clarify, by posting my last comment I am not implicating Mr. Liptak as the commenter Gaia.  I am actually asking if he is the State Employee named “John” mentioned in the comment thread.

          There are several coincidences between them but at this point that is all they are.  We apologize if posting his name in the comments was in any way interpreted as evidence of complicity on his part.

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