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I’m Almost Always Blogging, But When I’m not…

I’m almost always blogging, but when I’m not…I support independent local brewers. And plastic Adirondack chairs. And small contained fires (yes, I have a frikkin permit). And relaxing outdoor environments, and liberty, and freedom, and…wait, I’m blogging again.

autumn tree leaves

Hello September! Wait, Where’d August Go?

Summer slips away quickly when you’re busy — blogging, for example. Soon we’ll be forced to look across our laptops at autumn leaves that need raking. Wondering to ourselves, if we have them, where’d my kids go? 

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Nine Years Ago Today I Published My First Post for

Nine years ago today, on February 20th, 2010, I published my first post at It was about Dan Itse’s bill to create a House committee whose purpose would be to consider the constitutionality of things. Government things. Later that same week I would write about taxes, commuter rail, Carol Shea-Porter, Paul Hodes, and Jeanne …

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Busy Day…

Just a shout out to the busy day.  I am having one, and will not be available to post until perhaps this evening. As you were.    

Extremist Circumstances

Being a part time ‘hobby blogger’ who REALLY LIKES their hobby, I try to do more than is humanly possible.  (Yes, despite being a Conservative, I am also human).  One of the inhumanly impossible things I like to try to do but often fail (see also only ever did once last year that I can …

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