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AMERICAN HERO Kate Bossi Acknowledged for Her Courage!

Government is being weaponized against citizens, and it is encouraging to see people like Kate Bossi – a grandmother and Sunday School Teacher – who have had enough of government interference in our lives! Bossi took a stand for common sense, personal responsibility and liberty. 

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“Monday Morning Wake Up”

This past Monday saw the radio station fraught with telephone system gremlins running amok – kept calling in and getting voicemail. Profuse apologies ensued.

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The Audio From Life with Liz Show – 4/12/21 Appearance

Sorry for the delay (we did the show on Monday, April, 12th, and now it’s Saturday – I’ll get more timely!)  but for those that wanted to hear the April 12th edition of “Monday Morning Wake Up  Chat with the ‘Grok”with the ‘Grok, here it is!

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Meet Two of NH’s Most Influential News Voices – Tonight at 7 pm ET

Many people who represent us in government appear to have lost their way. It happens all along the food chain, from the federal level all the way down to our local governments. Even here in Windham. Those who were elected and appointed to serve – are in fact doing just that… but many times it’s …

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CNHT Picnic – The Advocacy Groups Part 3

Next batch of Groups! GraniteGrok – Skip Murphy Republican Liberty Caucus of NH (“RLCNH”) – Spec Bowers 603 Alliance – Jim Kofalt House Republican Alliance (“HRA”) – Carol McGuire   OK, GraniteGrok isn’t quite the normal advocacy group compared to all the others that spoke at CNHT’s Annual Picnic.  Most are single issue groups: Education, …

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