The Free State Project and New Hampshire, “the luckiest state in the history of the United States.”

by Tim Condon

Thank you, Free State Project, for choosing New Hampshire!

On October 1, 2003 I gave a talk at a press conference in New York city announcing the Free State Project’s choice of New Hampshire. I said at the outset that “New Hampshire is the luckiest state in the history of the United States to be chosen by the Free State Project.” Now, almost nine years later, that statement has been borne out.

As  a very close observer—not to mention participant—in New Hampshire state politics, I can say without reservation that the effect of the Free State Project migration  on our state has been positive. Crucially so in the context of state-level politics. First of all, the state Republican Party would not have been graced by the incredibly positive leadership of Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien and the responsible Republicans around him without the backing of supporters who came out of the Free State Project (it was a very close Speaker’s election, remember).

Secondly, the huge contributions of incoming supporters of the Free State Project have been recognized by the indigenous freedom fighters in the NH political realm. The doughty Republican supporters of low taxes, restrained government spending, cutting unnecessary regulations, right-to-work, and many other important liberty-and-freedom initiatives had to fight a rear-guard action for years against surging Democrat gains. They also had to fight RINO traitors (“Republicans In Name Only) who voted with the Democrats more often than they supported Republican principles (one member of the State House said to me he had been told by a fellow House member “I’m really a Democrat but I always run as a Republican because I couldn’t get elected in this [Republican] district otherwise”).

Well, the Democrats finally got their majority in 2006, and from then to 2010 they controlled the state legislature, the governor’s office, and even the state supreme court (reference the infamous judicial power-grabs known as the  “Claremont decisions”). The results? Historically huge budget deficits, accounting gimmicks to hide fiscal irresponsibility, a billion dollar structural deficit looming into the future, and 100 raised taxes and fees. By the time the 2010 elections came around, New Hampshire was reeling from the overspending, and talk was in the air about forcing a statewide income tax or a statewide sales tax on us to “fix the budget problem.”

Enter the Free State Project reinforcements, immigrants who threw themselves into local, county, and state-level politics, fighting back against the always-bigger-government mindset. Result? Today we have a balanced budget, we’ve passed multiple fiscal reforms, we have a responsible budget process based upon realistic revenue projections, and multiple other reforms have been passed, from voter ID to prevent vote fraud, to jury nullification to prevent miscarriages of justice, to public employee pension reforms addressing the structural deficit, to strengthening the Second Amendment right to self-defense, and much else. Responsible Republicans have replaced the Destructive Democrats. Many RINO’s have been cleared out of the NH Republican Party, replaced by real Republicans who support the state Party Platform and vote accordingly. New Hampshire now has the lowest unemployment rate of any New England state, growing job opportunities, and an improving state economy coupled with reduced government power and intrusion into people’s lives.

Could it all have been done without those who came to New Hampshire because of the Free State Project? No way. So let’s all celebrate the Free State Project and the migration it has sparked! Because of it, New Hampshire’s old freedom-fighters are now in the state leadership, not a beleaguered minority, and with a responsible Republican majority, the future looks even brighter! So…onward for New Hampshire!

Or, to use the old communist slogan that Obama and the Democrats use…”Forward!”

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  • allen

    a good friend went to Hesser, and is now going to SNHU. every legal class she has had so far whenever something local comes up, it’s “those damn freestaters” (even when it’s NOT the FSP)

    so, they must be doing something right.

  • Hunter Dan

    LOL!!! the “luckiest” state in the whole US?!?!?! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s see . . . a bunch of rich flatlanders get together and decide . . . “hey, let’s pick a state and totally **** with it’s political structure!!!”

    And we’re LUCKY?!?!?!

    I have edited this post to delete the bad word. There is one rule that cannot be ignored here at GraniteGrok: Adult themes but kid friendly. I do not allow the writers here at GraniteGrok to violate that rule – commenters are also subject to that rule as well. I do not want some minor going “Mommy, what does that word mean?”

    (Owner, GraniteGrok)

    • allen

      rich? I’m not sure where you’re getting your info. many of the FSP people came here on a shoestring budget. do you have a problem with people moving here and making opportunities for themselves? oh I get it..if they were ILLEGALS you’d probably be ok with it, but because they citizens and what to try to change a place for the better, you’re upset about it. gotcha.

      be careful who you call flatlander. part of being a “flatlander” is not being able to keep your nose out of other people’s business..which the FSP definitely doesn’t qualify for. flatlanders move next to a pig farm and start trying to make farms illegal. flatlanders move next to a gun range, and then complain about the noise! flatlanders put up a tree stand on someone elses land without asking, throw trash around, and then get mad when the place is marked “no hunting” the next season!

      don’t like the free staters? i’m sure there is a nice cozy place for you just a bit south of here, where the taxes are sky-high and they’re involved in every little detail of your life. most of us would prefer not to become like that place. if that is the sort of location and treatment you’d prefer, perhaps you should go there.

      • Hunter Dan

        For your information Allen, I can’t stand illegal aliens. Have no problem with those who are here on work visas, school visas, refugees, and folks standing in line and filling out their paperwork like they should. But those simply sneaking in I have no use for.

        AND . . . I despise those flatlander you mention who want to move here to get away from the city and end up wanting to turn rural northern New England into the thing that they left.

        And as a hunter, I despise anyone who violates any fish and game law or litters while hunting. In 6 years of living in Merrimack county NH I’ve had one tree stand stolen, another messed with, one trail cam almost stolen, a buck stolen practically stolen out from under me before I could get to it and witnessed what was called the most heinous turkey poaching violation ever(with the most and best evidence to prosecute it, thanks to yours truly) by the head of NH F&G’s law enforcement division.

        Having said all that . . . I think that the free-staters have much in common with THOSE kind of flatlanders. Think about it. Both groups . . .

        A) come from out of state
        B) think that they know what’s best for their new home state
        C) are willing to take virtually any means necessary to change things

        • allen

          you mean like what the socialists did to vermont?

          that was the model.

          a)many of us come from out of state.
          b)we can vote the way we like, correct? we don’t have to follow the herd like mindless zombies when things are not to our liking?
          c)”virtually any means necessary to change things”… walking guns across international borders to get gun control “under the radar” here? or how about trying to undermine free speech because of a youtube video? thugs beating up people of different opinions outside political rallies? how about a proposed renewal of the “alien and sedition acts”? oh wait, that’s the other side. I forget. I haven’t seen a single law broken by the FSP. yet the other side breaks the law all the time.

          which side are you on again?

          • Hunter Dan

            I’m on the side of personal freedom. That’s why I’m pro-gun, pro-choice, and pro-gay marriage.

            I’m on the side of Science. That’s why I believe in global climate change and that’s why I’m able to update my beliefs based on new facts as opposed to desperately clinging to my beliefs in the face of new facts.

            I’m on the side of education . . . and I don’t mean our public school system, I mean of education in general. Knowledge is power. Learning is a lifelong process and the person who stops learning is the person who stops caring about life.

            I’m on the side of conservatism. Meaning “to conserve.” Meaning I believe we should take responsibility for ourselves. That’s why I hunt and fish and eat what I kill and that’s why I garden and eat what I grow and that’s why I purchase locally-sourced food whenever possible. Because I don’t mind – in fact I prefer – to take responsibility for the food that I put in my body.

            I’m on the side of helping people – That’s why I’m a teacher. And that’s why my wife and I(and especially her) put in hours helping a refugee family that happens to be the first Bhutanese refugee family to live in Concord. One son is now a freshman at Boston College on a full-boat scholarship – because of HIS GRADES, not the color of his skin. The other son is a senior in high school and is looking at colleges right now. They were born in a tent in a refugee camp and they love America because the know what it’s like to have nothing and they love the freedom and opportunity that America gives them.

            And they’re a heckuva lot better Americans than some of the kids I see who were born in this country and are lazy, fat, pampered, spoiled and want everything handed to them.

          • allen

            somehow, I don’t see a single thing there that is a good reason to go against the FSP. but I suppose you’d rather camoflage that. that’s ok. you have your reasons and you are under no obligation to tell us.

            so, you’re a warmist..tell come during the roman era, they had to put a heavy tax on english wine, because it was concidered far better and cheaper than the italian wines and would put them out of business..yet in the last thousand plus years it has been near impossible to grow grapes in england, because it was too cold?

            and while we’re on the subject, why did the vikings call parts of canada “vinland” after the abundant grapes growing there…yet there are little to no grapes there now?

            can you explain sunspot activity and the warming of every planet in the inner solar system including ours, at the same rate? are the martians and venusians burning coal, or driving too many SUV’s?

            can you explain how any scientist can call something “settled” when there is still new data coming that they themselves say “doesn’t fit the model”? if the data doesn’t fit the model, isn’t the model wrong, and doesn’t that mean that the science isn’t settled, because we obviously didn’t understand it enough to create a correct model in the first place? and why is anyone trying to fix the model to incorporate current data treated like they are some sort of heretic?

            the truth is sunspots (or the lack thereof) have more to do with global climate than any CO2, yet you never hear a word about them from the warmists.

            in the past I have worked with archeologists, archaeobotanists/ paleoethnobotanists, and others who study human populations, and what we ate. the truth is that we ate things in areas that are now too cold for those species, and we didn’t have the ability at the time to preserve and transport them. this means that in the past..long before fossil fuels or carbon anything besides wood…these places were much warmer, and for extended periods.

            yet somehow, now that cycle is now an unnatural thing brought on by CO2.

            do you understand why people doubt this stuff?

          • Hunter Dan

            Allen, Allen, Allen. Stop with the red herrings, straw men, etc. Yes I know the ice age happened . . . it used to be as they say around here “wicked cold.” Before that, during the Jurassic period, we had tropical conditions throughout most of the globe. As they say around here, it was “wicked hot” then. It’s called climate change. It’s real. It happens. Conditions on earth have been changing ever since there’s been an earth. And they will continue to change.

            Personally I can’t say exactly how much of an effect humans as a species have on the planet’s changing climate, but that doesn’t matter. As the only species on the planet with opposable thumbs and the brain power that we have – we have the most power to impact our planet in a positive way . . . or a negative way.

            If you really want to know the truth, what the average high or low temperature is from year to year doesn’t really bother me as much as the plain fact that there are TOO MANY HUMANS ON THE PLANET.

            We started out as small bands of hunter gatherers roaming the countryside eating animal flesh, nuts, berries and whatever other wild edibles we could find. The minute we went from that to an agrarian communal society we started down a path to destruction.

            Every major societal issue of today is an unintended consequence of too many humans on the planet.

            War, famine, poverty, pollution, you name it.

            Does that mean I wish we were still all cavemen? NO! If we had stayed like that we would’ve missed so much of what makes us great as humans. Music(that comes to mind first being that I’m a musician and music teacher), art, science, you name it.

            But being a human is a double-edged sword. We have the capacity for great good, but we also have the capacity to do some really stupid shit – especially when we congregate in large numbers. That’s why I will remain here in northern New England, through whatever the climate has in store for us, and tough it out. Because a mosquito=infested Hemlock swamp in NH in August is still preferable to living in NYC, Detroit, Baltimore, St. Louis, Chicago, etc, etc, etc.

          • allen

            “Personally I can’t say exactly how much of an effect humans as a species
            have on the planet’s changing climate, but that doesn’t matter.”

            yes, it DOES. your fellow warmists want to tax damn near everything we do as a modern society into the the stone age BECAUSE they have it as a “consensus” that it’s our fault. but, they can’t prove it, and any attempt to prove it fails miserably unless they cook the books..or what was the term they used..oh yeah “hide the decline”. yet you side with them..even though you are “able to update my beliefs based on new facts as opposed to desperately clinging to my beliefs in the face of new facts.”

            well, the new facts are in. the sun and sunspot activity has much more to do with climate than anything we could do. the sun can also put us back into the stone age. google “carrington event”.

            climate change? yep. happens all the time. the earth is not a static thing. but blaming it on humans, and trying to tax us to death over it? I’m not buying it. and neither should you.

          • granitegrok

            “and trying to tax us to death over it?”

            If we are being “bad” about our emissions, when did it become “good” to give more money to Government?

            Since when did a “penance” go to Politicians & bureaucrats, and when did “energy use” become an unnamed “sin tax”? Is energy useage now as bad as smoking and drinking (and with Obamacare) laying on a tanning bed?

          • allen

            we’re not being “bad” about emissions. volcanic activity eclipses everything we do a hundred times over.

            perhaps you misunderstand me, or were you replying to dan?

      • C. dog e. doG

        Don’t worry, Allen, Dan the hunting Man hails from Vertemont and expects to be paid by confiscated property. So that’s his starting point. It’s all down hill from there. But it makes one wunder why he doesn’t go back to nuzzle in the arms of that luving Nanny State.
        – C. dog setting record rates of failure, straight

        • Hunter Dan

          Who the hell gets paid in “confiscated property?” I work for a living doggie. Don’t tell me you’re one of these “ed and elaine brown-noser, i’m-a-sovereign-citizen” types? So am I to assume because I work in the public sector instead of the private sector that you think I don’t earn my money. Did you know that I’ve also taught in private schools. In VERMONT, no less! And as a professional musician I worked and supported myself in the dreaded private sector for years.

          And what the heck is “Vertemont”? and “wunder”? Do you like to misspell words or don’t you know any better?

          As for why don’t I go back. I do go back. Alot. I’ll be going back again the first weekend in October as it’s the VT archery deer season opener. I’ve got lots of family and friends there so I’m there all the time.

          And I was excited to leave when I moved to NH – not because of leaving VT but because it meant living with my then fiancee, now wife, who I love more than anything in the world.

          That being said – we have been thinking of buying property in VT. Not with an eye towards moving back so much as getting a nice piece of land that I can post and keep as my own personal hunting grounds. Like the other two pieces of private property I have hunting rights to up there. I tell you I’m sick of the shenanigans I’ve seen from “so-called” hunters in the “live free or die” state since moving here.

          • C. dog e. doG

            So, you bein’ a big mighty hunter and all with your own private bambi grounds have no problem with others posting their property, unless, of course, you want to hunt on them, in which case you have no problem with your favorite govvy officials making open access a part of their permitting scheme. By the way, do you hunt hippo’s too?

            Furthermore, you bein’ for freedom of choice and diversity of game on the range, I’m sure you have no problem letting parents decide for themselves to which babysitting outpost to send lil’ Jimmy and Suzy Q so they can avoid the unionized lobotomy outpatients running the asylums down at the local internment camps?
            – C. dog baiting BFA bears with their own courage

          • Hunter Dan

            R-E-A-D-I-N-G C-O-M-P-R-E-H-E-N-S-I-O-N, doggie!

            Where did I say that I own my own private “bambi grounds??” I do not own any property except for where I currently live and there ain’t enough land there to hunt on. Not unless I want to hunt the neighbors cat or the backyard squirrels who rob the bird feeders. Yes I do have access to two private parcels in VT. but I’m not the only person who has hunting rights on those parcels. And only one of them is posted, the other – while private – is not legally posted. I know that means something a bit different legally in VT as it does here in NH but still . . .

            I have no problem with people owning land and posting it. But I also do not want hunting in America to become what hunting in Europe is, and that is a rich man’s game where only the landed gentry can afford to do it. I don’t hunt for prestige or trophies, I hunt for food – and for spirituality – yes I said SPIRITUALITY.

            If you want America to become like Europe, then why don’t you move there?

            And are you really going to compare hunting rights to education?!?!?! I don’t have anything against home-schooling per se as I’ve just stated in a lengthy post in another thread – I just don’t think that most people are cut out for it.

          • C. dog e. doG

            “Not with an eye towards moving back so much as getting a nice piece of land that I can post and keep as my own personal hunting grounds.” Selfish comprehended, loud and clear. Hope they make you fork over sum fair-share portion of your bambi-killing grounds for “affordable housing” in the green land of monts and make you enjoy endless Act 250 hearings where all your friends and neighbors get to decide how to best use your land. Remember to smile when you bend over … to pick up the check.
            – C. dog laughing all the way to the river that divides and derides

          • Hunter Dan

            Oh, so I get it. If MITT ROMNEY or some other rich Republican wants to post their land (and you know most of them do) then that’s ok. But if I want to post my land to keep out tree stand and trail cam thieves, poachers and other criminals, then you have a problem with it?!?!?! Hypocrisy thy name is c. dog . . .

          • C. dog e. doG

            As usual, Bad Will Hunting, you miss the point of your own barbs, but what should we expect from someone who plays his flute up in a tree stand all day?
            – C. dog deftly avoids Dan’s stand on trees

          • Hunter Dan

            Now I know why you left the CM message boards. You can’t handle anyone who has a dissenting opinion. You’re much more comfortable in an echo chamber than on a debate stage. That’s why you hang out here now.

            And since you’re so fond of those clever “signatures” – here’s some new ones you might want to use(complete with heinous misspellings:

            – C. dog desperately tugging on the chane of his Tea-partee handlers

            – C. dog ravenously gobbeling up the k-k-kibble of GOP talking points

            – C. dog licking himself where the son don’t shyne! If he can’t find anyone else to do it, he fends for himself!

          • C. dog e. doG

            As usual, the little boy who plays with his flute is so predictably wrong. Let’s start with your assanine leap to avoid confounding variables. Care to attempt an identification of any regarding your 1st statement? For ample evidence to refute your second assertion, you might want to familiarize yourself with my many contributions to the tree huggy community. Speaking of echo chambers, how’s your “musick” classes goin’ at your government school forced option of one (a/k/a monopoly)? Still tryin’ to convince the ‘utes how brilliant you are, when the evidence is more than ample right before their very stoned eyes to the contrary?
            – C. dog enjoys his coeds in groups of three for company and diversity

          • Hunter Dan

            My students aren’t the ones who’re stoned. I get the best and brightest, as you would know if you read any of the research at all that proves that students who participate in music programs make better students in high school and college and better members of the work force. And as far as my first statement I don’t have to prove anything – your actions prove it. Once upon a time you were a regular poster at CM – now you’re not. It’s either that – or you’re too cheap to cough up the 9.99 a month for the online membership. My money’s on BOTH reasons actually.

          • granitegrok

            I would NEVER pay $10 / month for Pravda-on-the-Merrimac

            Not ante-ing up for the UL if it goes full paywall either. Far too easy to get the news by other means for free.

            But each to his own – if that how you wish to spend your money, knock yerself out.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Clearly you aren’t up to the task of a little research to discover how off you are regarding you assertion of my aversion to banter with those having an opposing view. That clearly speaks to your sense of education. Regarding the fire power in you musak depreciation classes, what’s it feel like to be the dumbest person in a class? And given this status, I understand how difficult it must be to understand why someone might not want to financially support that which assists in one’s shackling, especially given how comfortable you have become with the leash around your own neck. Say hi to bambi before you blast her 🙂
            – C. dog, out

          • Hunter Dan

            How nice of you to insinuate that I’m the dumbest person in my classes C. dog. Please cite the evidence behind your claim . . . I’m waiting.

            Here’s my try at what I like to call “C-doggin'” –

            C. dog lives at home in his mother’s basement in a pair of jammies mom picked out for him with doritos crumbs all over them and has had a toilet installed in front of his computer desk so he doesn’t have to get up to go potty.


            Given that this post has violated my “Adult Themes but kid friendly (“Mommy, what does that mean”), I have edited this comment.

            Owner, GraniteGrok

          • C. dog e. doG

            Well, that’s 10 minutes of your fantasy life – or do you suffer from pre-mature fantasy eradication and it only takes one minute? – I wish I never heard about. By the way, I wasn’t insinuating. Now go shoot yourself a bambi to re-instill a sense (but not a realization) of manhood. And stop plugging up the comment board, for cryin’ out loud, and the sake of all those who have better things to do than listen to a whining self-abusing flautist flood the internets with his bitter tears.
            – C. dog cleaning up Amerika one government-issue troll at a time

          • Hunter Dan

            I’m not a flautist. I play many instruments – guitar, bass, piano, drums, saxes, a little clarinet, a little cello . . . I never was much of a flute player though. Could never really get the hang of the flute embouchure.

            And I’m sorry, but in the real, adult world, when someone asks you to back up a claim with evidence, and your reply is, “I wasn’t insinuating.” – that does not constitute evidence. As I expected, you’re just blowing smoke out your ass again.

            Gee . . . you make GWTW on the CM message boards sound like Einstein!

          • C. dog e. doG

            You’re much too modest, Dan hunting for his man-hood. You forgot your near virtuoso mastery of the organ, which is only underscored by how you got the hang of your flute.
            – C. dog :-)’s, nay, ROLFLMAO

          • Hunter Dan

            So homophobia is now funny? You guys are pathetic. The ultimate put-down in MIDDLE SCHOOL is to pick on someone by claiming their gay. Adults – at least ones who aren’t bigots – don’t act this way. And if they do, it’s usually an iron-clad example of unresolved sexual issues in their own past.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Your mastery of misreading only underscores my impossibly low opinion of government training camps. I have deep and abiding sympathy for the parents forced into the option of one: you. After pondering – if you are capable of such – the oddity of fear of same, ya might want to go play with yourself and your magical flute, no male companionship required.
            – C. dog enjoying the fruits of co-education as often as he can

  • Our state was just fine the way it was before the Free Staters showed up. Hopefully, they will just go native and move on with their new lives here in NH and forget about their Project. There have been a dozen or so Free Staters who have been elected to the NH House and they are all intelligent people who have done a good job in the legislature. But, Jason Sorens & Co. have said some very disturbing things.

    • granitegrok

      As a long term resident, I can say that NH was becoming MA-lite (especially under Dems but Repubs deserve opprobium as well). Live Free or Die does not require a Nanny State to make it happen – it needs for formerly Govt-lite that NH used to have. If anyone can be said to be the interlopers here are those expressing the Big Government intents like Kris Roberts who said “Government has to protect us from our own stupidity.” on the floor of Representative Hall and having NH Govt slouch towards the overgrown entity it is.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Well then, they better apply for their free speech license to say such … disturbing things. By the way, timmy, I here MASSCare really does care for those like you, so why not pack up and take a bus ride down there to experience all the Commonwealth luv?
      – C. dog willing to cough up timmy’s bus fare

  • C. dog e. doG

    Thanks for running, Mike. Wish I could vote for ya. Ooops, I can according to timmy if I feel like I’m a resident of Belmont on election day.
    – C. dog

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