Facebook Doodlings – So, Greg Carson, Secretary of the NH GOP is demanding “unity” – Part I?

by Skip

And yes, once again, I decide to weigh in.  His opening remark – well, I can’t quote it from FB because he decided to take himself out of the thread and erased all traces of himself, but it started with someone asking the simple question of “Who for Republican Minority Leader in the NH House?”. Fortunately, I keep all my emails which now provides a nice little trail of breadcrumbs from the NH GOP Secretary on “Party Unity” and other sundry bon mots:

 …I’m not a House member any more so its none of my business as to who Rep’s vote for but …

…If anyone wants my opinion about selecting a Minority Leader I would be glad to give it…off-line. This is an issue for House members, not the peanut gallery, the State Committee or anyone else.

And took a slap at a Libertarian leaning guy on that thread as well:

this is a conversation regarding Republican Leader not Libertarian Leader or do you have a recommendation for the Dem’s too. LoL!

And continued to state that one is “either a Republican or is a Libertarian…not both.”

Ah-hemm.  Nobody else’s business as to who our “elected employees / representatives” vote for? And my impression about the “LoL!” was not so much the “Laugh”. My response ( translated from FB to be more bloggish and correctly some typo / grammer stupidities):

@Greg – this is NOT just a conversation for House members. The last time I looked, they represent US and they work for US, the voters. To say that this conversation does not apply is ludicrous and wrong-headed.

Also, Greg, as a Conservative, I find a lot of Libertarians much more in support of the Republican Platform and philosophy than many non-Libertarian Republicans (all, LOL! not withstanding). and work harder than most of the run of the mill Republicans in reducing the size, scope, and intrusiveness of Govt.

And why is that, @Greg – the Republican Libertarians / Conservatives / TEA Party / 9-12ers are much more aligned and wish to enforce a smaller, more limited, and less intrusive government (at all levels) than most “Establishment” Republicans? They actually believe in the platform and wish to see it implemented – as opposed to many in “The Establishment” that say the appropriate words and then ignore the follow through.

@Greg, by your very own words, you talk about having a unified party, then disdain a number of the factions within it. And as far as CSP is concerned, Guinta didn’t exactly cover himself in glory when in DC. The TEA and 9-12 Republicans worked HARD to get him elected in 2010 to do ONE THING – cut the spending. What did he do? He voted for both Continuing Resolutions (which raised spending) and the upped the Debt Limit (and raised spending again). The “vaunted” spending cuts that came along with them turned out to be another Democrat “Lucy’s Football”. Thus, Guinta screwed over a bunch of his base and he lost their enthusiasm to help out in 2012. So in no small amount, he did it to himself.

As far as Maggie and Obama? If the NH GOP wasn’t so lazy and ride the coattails of the Prez candidate every time, perhaps they could have been funding and building their own data CRM system to compete with what the Dems had. But no, the NH GOP Exec Board continues to outsource that responsibility. You guys made the bad decisions and NOW you want to lay that off on the Libertarians? Dumb, stupid, and again, lazy. If the NH GOP can’t beat them in the arena of ideas, or in the ground game (which, by dint of actual results, you didn’t win by enough), you deserved to lose. And I say that as a State Committee member (who has been saying this stuff since 2006 over and over and over again). We joke about the never ending campaigns here in NH – well, the Dems took it seriously after 2008 and the NH GOP just kept laughing. Who is laughing now, Greg? You’re on the Exec Board – you are part of the group that makes the decisions so you own the results. And pretty poor ones, regardless of intension or flowery words or hand-wringing. You know part of the reason why you got beat?? Buckley brought in over $2 million – and “one of our best Chairs evah” (according to Jim Foley, finance chair) brought in a whopping $200K. Spectacular results.

@Greg – your “observance” that one can’t be a Libertarian and a Republican at the same time? Tell that to the Republicans for Lynch. Or, in my town, Alida Milham – good Republican for years, I’m told. Stalwart Republican for years, I’m told. Well, look at her voting record in the House – there are plenty of Dems that vote more in line with the Republican Platform than she did. AND, when good Republicans were running for the House this year in our district, this GOOD Republican endorsed the Dem to ensure that the Repubs wouldn’t make it. So, Greg, if a “squish” to “Dem leaning/voting” “Repblican can be a “Good” Republican, then why can’t a Libertarian leaning person also be a good Republican?

So, I’ll ask you, Greg, what DOES it take to be a good Republican – just showing up? Not a snarky question – a serious one. What is a “loyal” Republican, what is a “good” republican? Given the results, these ARE the questions to be asked – and answered. From your position on the E-Board [The NH GOP Executive Board], what are those answers?

His first comeback was one of a rather dismissive attitude, based on my responses, as well as a non-answer.  What would one expect from a lawyer?.  It was also about the money as well.  As the Knight Templar said in “Indiana Jones and the last Crusade”: “He chose poorly”

And Skip, full of questions and complaints but what did you do?  How much money did you raise or donate to the Party or a Candidate to implement anything you suggested?

Well, it seems that he forgot why a LOT of Liberty and Freedom folks did why they didn’t:

 The answer is elections have ramifications – and so do ousters. When Jack Kimball was elected, I gave to the moneybomb that the grassroots set up right afterwards. I had given to a number of candidates. After the ouster, I stopped – just like a LOT of other activists that felt screwed over. So the NH GOP lost me – the NH GOP E-Board’s decision had a very negative outcome as it told the TEA Party and 9-12ers and Libertarians “We neither want or need you”. You can debate it all you want, or argue against that, but that was the practical outcome of that decision. Instead, I put more into GraniteGrok (which is NOT free to run) to make it better – we do more advocating for values that are congruent with the Platform than anyone else on a constant, daily basis. We are, effectively, campaigning each and every day. There is NO ONE else in the NH Blogosphere that does more than GraniteGrok fighting against democratic progressivism – period. AND we all participate in political activism as well.

Oh, we’re not done with this – merely done with this post as it went longer than I thought – and there is more to say in Part II

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  • C. dog e. doG

    Skip, keep your voice loud and proud … and family friendly :-). Establishment Repubs and the RINO’s with whom they consort are only conservative in one respect, they wish to conserve the current decline into progressivism. My current litmus test for support, or scathing rebuke:
    1. School choice … for everyone!
    2. Eliminate State control of private property
    3. Eliminate State control of private exchanges of same

    Why, it’s so radical it almost sounds constitutional.
    – C. dog from Freedomstan

  • How about liberty republicans that uphold conservative values but are not Christian Conservatives. That creates a a nice bridge between libertarians and grass roots conservatives.

    • C. dog e. doG

      But no bridge to country-club RINO’s? That’s sad Sununu and Co. will have no one to play with.
      – C. dog

      • Chris P. Bacon

        Hey Mr. Dog, I’ve been banned over at Tree Huggies. I can’t believe it. Anyway, let all my fan at TH know and please give him/her my email address so we can keep in touch. Email to follow. Sadly, CPB

        • C. dog e. doG

          How awesum is that Chrispy: I’m in the bestest of company with my concurrent banning at Tree Huggies. Wunder who else got the ax today? Nothin’ says tolerant religion like banning the heretics. My best guess for grounds of excommunication were highlighting the best a$$et of Brazil – I mean, really, we all know what that is – and making fun of a Muslim sect practice. But hey, you get extra green cred for teeing off on Christians and swearing at Republicans at Tree Huggies. Their policy knows no bounds because it has no left border. I guess Marrena the Mad Moon-bat got her revenge on us because we liked the Brazilian Babe better. It all comes down to sex, money, and power for naked apes, and hell hath no fury as a eco-female’s scorn.

          Perhaps a Tree Huggy Lampoon is in the offing? Nothin’ smells so sweet as a satirical twist of lemon in my spilt milk.
          – C. dog in search of his new groove thang

          • Chris P. Bacon

            You got axed too!! Son of a… I think what did it for me was they had an article on Harvard and i asked the simple question of when you gradeeate from Haavaad do they give you a diploma and transcript? I wus just wonderin’. I also told a twue story about getting a BJ in my 89 Geo metro convertable back in 92 on a road trip from Louisianna to Maine at every state line. They were talkin about this new Ford that gets 50 MPG and i was lamenting that my metro got more MPG and i got more action back in 92!! Anyway, it was fun while it lasted. It was just too easy and fun to stop. they probably did me a favor!! later good buddy.

          • Luke

            Hey C. dog & Chris,

            Sorry to hear about your banishment, really. Looks like alot of people got the tether cut today – not just you two but others, most noticeably Milburn. None of you appear in the ‘top commenters’ section anymore.

            Obviously the TH staff decided the antics had to come to an end… I was told (in no uncertain terms) to clean up my act, which I have done – mostly for the cursing.

            So what’s the deal? Can you reach treehugger? Can you read articles, but can’t see comments? You can see comments, but can’t post? Sorta’ interested into how they’ve got this banning thing working.

            I’ll miss you guys, despite our differences! Shout me an email if you ever wanna’ talk (or joust!). Or I may have to visit granitegrok more often!

            // Luke.

          • Chris P. Bacon

            Dude, so good to hear from you. i set up an email for all my buddies at TH to get in touch, and now that you have, hear it is: luvdabacon@gmail.com. I can still go to TH and read the stories but if i try to comment a big red bar comes across the screen saying they hope i die, or “you do not have permission to comment on this site”, one of those two. i really had a ball there, and was glad to meet ye. We all have more in common then we realize. If you can, let coati boy know my email address as i really enjoyed talking with him too. That is really the only blog i’ve ever posted on, so i don’t know what to do now. You’re a good man Lukester. Gotta go meditate to my Al Gored and Micheal S’mores tappestry’s, then i’m going to sit on my left hand for 20 minutes until it goes numb and rub one out. It will feel like someone else that way. Later.

          • C. dog e. doG

            Crispy, I told you in e-mail that you need to keep it family friendly here, so you might want to edit (just a little) your post here since our banishment by the Golly Green Giant. Also eradicate your address now that I have it to avoid those dastardly germanjunkmailmeisters. What’s up with that language colliding all the words together anyway? Is it cuz all those tanks crashed during a blitzkriegenclusterstook?
            – C. dog now with more idle time on his hands for good and evil

          • C. dog e. doG

            Gospel Luke –

            As the say in decaying old Paris: “C’est la vie, c’est la mort.” You have Crispy’s alternative e-conduit contact point, so you can regale me with your sometimes pithy counter-attacks against the Grate Republican Corporate Conspiracy when you feel so compelled, or you can do that right here at this e-Op/Ed site without fear of censoring, so long as you keep it family-friendly. And for the record, I have strayed over that line on rare occasion as have big-whig contributors here, for which we incurred the excise ax. Fair and balanced, who knew?

            The Groksters are always looking for Libs to argue with, as am I. It’s far more interesting than just chanting in an echo chamber – wunder what that sounds like in the Tree Huggies vacuum?
            – C. dog no longer able to perform his duty on the funny papers

          • Chris P. Bacon

            oh, i can also vote on TH. god, i am going to miss all that fun. i was looking at Lloyds story this AM about all the cars and scooters and no way for pedestrians to walk around in Rome and then he posts a picture showing almost no cars, a bus, and sidewalks between 5 and 10 feet wide with tons of people on them!! Oh the inanity!! Please post my email address over there in a responce to a coati-boy post if you can. thanks

          • granitegrok

            gosh, maybe I should go over and stir the pot some more – make it spicy and fiery?

        • Milburn Drysdale

          Yep, the little Stalinists have had a purge.

          • Luke

            Hey, look, Proud_NIMBY’s sock puppet has been resurrected!

      • Chris P. Bacon

        luvdabacon@gmail.com Tell all my friend.

  • Van

    Skip what does the CRM stand for in the phrase: data CRM system? It is interesting every town have Republicans who have better democrat voting records than democrats. I ignore those because I will never measure up to those. The establishment Republicans I try to find common ground them but they roll over so easy. Right now they are all exhausted by the election and they didn’t do squat except perhaps putting up a yard sign or put on a bumpersticker. I like TEA Party Republicans because they get up and do something.

    We need to find out why the GOP base didn’t get out and vote and we got to see who came out for the Democrats and to have an effective data system is required.

    • C. dog e. doG

      Data point of one: many repubs candidates at top of tickets were very uninspiring at best. Really, do I need to say more than RINO Romney and Milquetoast LaMontagne? The seem like fine guys, just not the ones that will do more than marginal nibblings at the Late Grate State. Personally, I think there should be a bare minimum litmus test in order to engender any substantive support from those who enjoy a good tossing of tea into fetid harbors. At the risk of splintering my planks and going all Das Karl, I’d start with school choice for all, private property means just that, and eliminate ludicrous pot and gambling laws that only add to Grate State debits.
      – C. dog on point of the obvious

    • granitegrok

      Customer Relations Management – how to keep in touch with your customers. Over time, sophisticated CRM systems can amasses tremendous amounts of data on a company’s customers and can then start to articulate and make offers to those customers based on their buying patterns.

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  • Rep Greg Hill

    Those that mention School Choice as a number one litmus test…… You have a prime-time opportunity to show just how important it is to you NOW. The Dems are coming full force to repeal the Education Tax Credit that Jim Forsythe and I co-authored and that will go into effect January 1st. We need help convincing our Senators to veto any repeal effort. PLEASE contact your Senator and confirm their support of school choice before the lobbyists take control.

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