Using the Law to ‘Legally’ Steal Elections?

by Steve MacDonald

voter checklist - legalized vote fraud in NHJudge Lewis made it legal for out of state residents to vote in New Hampshire.  It’s not quite that simple but he essentially legalized out of state voter influence on your local election (vote fraud) which is not actually a new idea but may have been executed on a massive scale this week.

Now you’d have to be a bit immoral or unethical to take unfair advantage of such a legal loophole, yes?  To find and encourage people to participate in such a scheme?  Well what if a certain political party did just that?  If they used a legal loophole, secured by a liberal Judge, in response to a suit brought by Liberal activist groups, then used their massive canvassing database to target polling places where they could tip elections in their favor?  That would be crazy talk.  Legally robbing other people of their voice with out of state voters?

So I suppose we’d need some proof to make that case?  Well guess what.  You can help us gather it.

Get your towns voter checklist for November 6th. (You’ll need to do that ASAP before it gets updated).  Then, when it becomes available, get the list from November 6th, which should now contain all the names of the same day registrants.

Use whatever resources you have at your disposal to separate the same day registrants and then determine if they live in your town, are even related to anyone who lives in your town, and so on.  If you do not have time you can send them both to us and we will do that for you or find interested parties willing to help in the sorting.

The end result will be a  town by town list of all same day registrants which can then be sifted and checked to determine the legitimacy of the registrants. We can publish that list or send it to local residents in the respective towns to review.  If they are legitimate, good enough.  If there are questions, we will ask them.

And in case you are wondering, no–the Hassan run state will not look into this other than to tell us there were no irregularities.  But we think you should know just how many people decided to be domiciled in your town for election purposes only.  Put another way, they came, they voted, they left.  They robbed you of your voice.

If there is nothing to find, the Democrats should not care at all that we are looking or reporting on who came and voted in your town on election day, how many of them there were as a percentage of the vote and the towns per-exiting registrants, and so on, and so forth.  In fact, they should be happy we are distracting ourselves to no good end.

But if they are not happy about our distractions, we might want to ask why?

So please get us those lists.  And thanks for helping us out in advance.


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  • Rick_GraniteGrok

    This is a great idea. I bet Ed Naille is already on something like this.

    • nhsteve

      Check your email Rick. We’ve been discussing it all morning. (there’s a lot of email)

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  • Don

    Great idea, I’m going to do this. BTW, at UNH the NHDP was busing out of state students to polling locations if they said they were voting Democrat. The NHDP sent out flyers to all the dorms before the election saying that they, the students, could vote in our election no ID necessary. I also have it on good authority that professors at UNH were encouraging students to vote in our election and telling them it was perfectly legal to do so. Durham and towns nearby likely had several offices stolen in this election at the very least.

    • nhsteve

      Not sure how they could claim no ID was required. No NH ID, yes. They could use a school ID or out of state Drivers license, but they had to have ID and if they registered that day had to sign the watered down affidavit.

      All legal thanks to judge Lewis, and standard fare for the left in past years with the old rules in place, but unethical. And how will actual residents feel about such a sweeping shift in power when they see the massive abuse perpetrated by the Democrats?

      I’d like to think they’d be pissed off.

    • actually Obama for America paid for the busses: legally, that is a totally separate entity from the NHDP. I am writing on a Republican blog, which means my readers don’t do fine distinctions. That distinction is too fine to even begin to explain. In any case, anyone was free to ride the busses, and in fact some students registered as Republicans and many registered as Undeclareds.

  • Legally, if you live someplace most of the year, that place is your voting domicile. A student lives in his or her dorm most of the year. The students who go “back home” or vote absentee “back home” are in fact the ones who are using a loophole in the law which makes an exception for persons who are out of town temporarily.

    Don is by the way correct: “professors at UNH were encouraging students to vote in our election and telling them it was perfectly legal to do so.” Because students voting in Durham was in fact perfectly legal.

    Which offices were stolen, Don? The Democrats ran the table in Durham’s state rep race but the non-student residents are predominantly non-Republicans. The District 21 state senate race was a walkover: the Republicans filled their slot with a hopelessly unqualified candidate who didn’t even bother to campaign. There’s no sign that the county races were effected: indeed a Republican won one county race. Carol Shea-Porter won the NH CD 1 by a slim margin, but she wins even without Durham’s vote. The governor’s race was a landslide.

    • nhsteve

      Actually Tim, that is not true. Many states base domicile on where you vote for all other purposes. The supreme court has upheld this.

      But even if we accept your premise, will the permanent residents of NH view this abuse by Democrats in pursuit of political power as reasonable, moral, and ethical?

      I’m going to collect the evidence, and ask them.

      • my advice: the republicans should recruit candidates young people can support.

    • Don

      So Representative “Wishes Republicans Dead” Horrigan, if they are residents why are they paying non-resident tuition?

  • Joe Sixpack

    Professor Ruth Sample was encouraging her out of state students to vote in New Hampshire’s election and telling them that it is legal to do so. The UNH club “Students for Obama” was doing so as well.

  • Rep Greg Hill

    Northfield gave out 2,208 ballots on Tuesday. Northfield had a total of 450 ish new registrants including 350 on Tuesday alone. Before I question that high a percentage I want to also know how many of the registrations were re-registrations who had simply been purged for non-voting.

  • Don

    So why can’t we just ask for the list of same day registrations?

  • Speak the Truth

    Move On. We have an enormous task in front of us – “we” have to EDUCATE the public with the TRUTH. “Dumb cannot be solved with Dumber”

    • nhsteve

      The Truth? You can’t handle the Truth…

      The ‘Truth’ is that SCOTUS has already ruled on this in a separate case (Indiana Voter ID Law)–out of state residents cannot vote in whichever state they are in they have to vote absentee.

      The ‘Truth’ is that Democrat Judge Lewis probably knew this when he signed off on the League of Women Voters pre-prepared ‘decision,’ weeks before the election but did it anyway.

      The ‘Truth’ is that the League of Women voters was one of the groups that brought the suit in the Indiana case and lost it and yet the found Lewis’ and convinced him to overturn the NH Domicile law.

      The ‘Truth’ is that Judge Lewis decision still has to go before the NH State Supreme court, who must then determine if it shall be vacated or not.

      The ‘Truth’ is, that the influence of thousands of out of state residents not domiciled here, on local elections, is relevant to the case yet to be heard and decided.

      The ‘Truth’ is that UNH has significantly stricter requirements for determining domicile for the purpose of charging out of state tuition rates than they require of the same students they merrily ferry to the polls to vote for Democrats who then protect their hypocritical tuition model.

      And If it were Republicans, or libertarians, or the TEA Party who had done the same thing and benefited from it, it would be front page news, being investigated by the AG, and on the lips of every Democrat in the Granite state until someone did something about it.

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  • So disgusted

    Why aren’t those that ran and lost looking into this? They would certainly have better access and more power to take those documents and review them. All of us could help identify the fraud in each of the towns. Only the citizens are asking these questions. Why isn’t Sununu, Romney, Lamontange saying any of this as well as Fox news and the papers that supported them. We really need to get the facts.

    • Steve MacDonald

      A growing coalition of people are looking at this, and we are getting invitations daily from people who want to help.

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