Using the Law to ‘Legally’ Steal Elections?

voter checklist - legalized vote fraud in NHJudge Lewis made it legal for out of state residents to vote in New Hampshire.  It’s not quite that simple but he essentially legalized out of state voter influence on your local election (vote fraud) which is not actually a new idea but may have been executed on a massive scale this week.

Now you’d have to be a bit immoral or unethical to take unfair advantage of such a legal loophole, yes?  To find and encourage people to participate in such a scheme?  Well what if a certain political party did just that?  If they used a legal loophole, secured by a liberal Judge, in response to a suit brought by Liberal activist groups, then used their massive canvassing database to target polling places where they could tip elections in their favor?  That would be crazy talk.  Legally robbing other people of their voice with out of state voters?

So I suppose we’d need some proof to make that case?  Well guess what.  You can help us gather it.

Get your towns voter checklist for November 6th. (You’ll need to do that ASAP before it gets updated).  Then, when it becomes available, get the list from November 6th, which should now contain all the names of the same day registrants.

Use whatever resources you have at your disposal to separate the same day registrants and then determine if they live in your town, are even related to anyone who lives in your town, and so on.  If you do not have time you can send them both to us and we will do that for you or find interested parties willing to help in the sorting.

The end result will be a  town by town list of all same day registrants which can then be sifted and checked to determine the legitimacy of the registrants. We can publish that list or send it to local residents in the respective towns to review.  If they are legitimate, good enough.  If there are questions, we will ask them.

And in case you are wondering, no–the Hassan run state will not look into this other than to tell us there were no irregularities.  But we think you should know just how many people decided to be domiciled in your town for election purposes only.  Put another way, they came, they voted, they left.  They robbed you of your voice.

If there is nothing to find, the Democrats should not care at all that we are looking or reporting on who came and voted in your town on election day, how many of them there were as a percentage of the vote and the towns per-exiting registrants, and so on, and so forth.  In fact, they should be happy we are distracting ourselves to no good end.

But if they are not happy about our distractions, we might want to ask why?

So please get us those lists.  And thanks for helping us out in advance.