Developing….Political Bias in Merrimack High School…Evolves

It may be too soon to tell for sure, but Monday was the day by which I wanted to hear about (or see) some changes in the way certain Merrimack High School teachers were favoring President Obama in class…and I have.

Not everyone has reported back yet but everything points to an effort at demonstrating some nonpartisan behavior.  Where there previously was just Obama, I am told there is now Obama and Romney.   Where this treatment was not possible, the pro-Obama messaging has, for the moment, been removed.  That was all I was looking for.  Some balance, and if that was not possible the absence of obvious bias, particularly in the instruction.

Will this first effort translate into more balanced classroom conversation lead by teachers with that previously obvious bias?

We may need a few days to see if that has also taken place but the initial results are encouraging.  And the covert ops gang has promised to stay on alert as we move in for the final weeks of the campaign season.  Notes, times, rooms, teachers, even pictures, whatever we need to capture this behavior is at our disposal from now until November 6th (and perhaps beyond?).

Good thing I do this for free or I’d have to complain about the pay. [Note from Skip: sigh…I wish I COULD pay you all!]

This story will not, by the way, be ‘Developing’ over at Merrimack Patch unless they come looking for it at GraniteGrok, for reasons you can read about here.