Oh, so THAT’s what they look like!

by Susan Olsen

Found this over at Ace and thought it would prove an excellent resource for our friends at various of the MSM as they strive for accuracy and balance in the ongoing ‘conversation’:


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  • Damn it, Susan! You forgot the M-47 and the AK-15. Bill O’Reilly will take you to taks for that….He likes to talk about those Heavy Weapons….



      • IWKAGGP

        Oops . . . that’s “toting”

    • Susan

      And I also forgot those Heavy Weapons configured as water pistols and nerf-guns. But who is the pathetic wanker getting off on capital letters and punctuation marks? Must be a girl – who else could make up “tank-toters”?

      • IWKAGGP

        If you were referencing me, Susan, then I will tell you that all caps denotes yelling. I was “yelling” because I was trying to sound like one of those hoplophobe idiot gun-grabbers. It’s called sarcasm. And the “tank-toters remark was in reference to Rick mentioning how O’Reilly misspoke about the M-47 – which is in fact the Patton tank. Again, it be pretty tough for one human to “tote” a Patton tank around as a weapon. Unless they were driving it. And then they wouldn’t be very effective at killing anything with it as the Patton requires a crew larger than one to successfully operate in combat. For the record I am a married, heterosexual man, gun owner and avid hunter. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

        • okay….now you lost me. I haven’t a clue what your feelings are hurt about.

          • IWKAGGP

            EXACTLY! Because Susan and “GG’s” posts , ‘t make any sense. It’s a fact of life that the blogosphere and internet message boards are all about hurling insults at people with which you disagree. But hurling insults at someone who believes exactly as you do on a particular issue? That’s just crazy.

            THIS makes sense:

            Poster A – I agree with(insert issue here)
            Poster B – I disagree with(insert same issue)
            Poster A – Well then, you’re a $#*&@&@*$!!!!!!!

            THIS, does not:

            Poster A – I agree with(insert issue here)
            Poster B – So do I!
            Poster A – Well then, you’re a $#*&@&@*$!!!!!!!

      • bmadocrtr

        I see a disturbing trend in the type of insults used by Groksters: http://morethanservingtea.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/the-ultimate-insult-call-a-man-a-woman/

        • granitegrok

          Really? We have the environmentalists wishing death on us simply disagreeing that man is responsible for global warming and now we have folks wishing that we’d die simply because we do not wish to give our Second Amendment rights as we have done nothing wrong?

          And you wish for us to take you seriously?

          • granitegrok

            I just read your post – even the commenters think that it is nothing but politically correctness dribble. Seriously, if you REALLY think bloggers are going go off into a corner and beat themselves up just because your “gurl power” sensibility has given a big hip check (read the post), then don’t play where you can’t take the heat

          • IWKAGGP

            Gee . . . not really sure where any of this comes from – meaning Susan’s post or “granitegrok’s” two posts above. I mean, my initial reaction to this “journalists guide to firearms identification” was that I thought it was hilarious and very truthful. So much so that I posted it on my facebook wall and have received many positive comments there from my like-minded gun-owning friends. I love the cartoon(if I’m permitted to call it that) and also Rick’s follow-up post in which he mentions Bill O’Reilly’s own inability to use appropriate terminology when referencing guns. Then I saw a misspelling in my “all caps” post and corrected it. Then along comes Susan – calling me a “pathetic wanker” – a term that was recently used to describe Piers Morgan – a man whom I despise and which I mentioned in the post about him a few days ago. And she takes issue with me using all-caps even though it has been done here before by many other people. The whole thing does not compute. The facts are: 1) this thread is about the media’s total incompetence when discussing firearms. 2) I agree whole-heartedly – along with pretty much everyone else here at Granitegrok – regarding the original intent of the post. 3) I added my own posts further making fun of the ignorant media. 4) either Susan and “granitegrok” completely missed the gist of my posts or . . . worse . . . they got the gist but can’t stand to be on the same side of an issue as I am and so they reacted in knee-jerk fashion using the oldest, most inane, juvenile, middle-school-esque insults for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER!!!! You guys, man . . . you’re sick. When you start turning against people who share your beliefs on the issue for absolutely no reason – there is no other diagnosis but to say that you are sick.

            BTW . . . corngrl67@yahoo.com is my wife.

        • Please accept my humblest apologies….Now stop crying like a “little” girl.

          • IWKAGGP

            Well at least that begins to make sense, because that comment was made by my wife. Who is female.

      • Water pistols and Nerf Guns fall in the category of “Dutch Military Armament”

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