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Is John Lynch In Trouble With Democrats?

Got Jobs!The New Hampshire democrat party must be beside itself again.  The great white liberal NH Hope, Governor John Lynch, is bragging about how he’s gotten word that a Fortune 100 company may be moving some of its manufacturing work into southern New Hampshire.

The progressive socialists who pull the big red levers at party headquarters invest a good deal of political capitol on bashing big business and the men and women who run them so how do they reconcile their figurehead democrat pimping the potential for 1500 new manufacturing jobs in the state, created by some evil, free market, fortune 100 company?

What if it’s not GE?  What if it’s Wal Mart–or lord help those poor, whiny, conflicted socialist democrats–Exxon Mobil or some other job creator they have promised us they despise?  Will they march in protest to stop this injustice?  Will Kathy "Lawsuit" Sullivan file complaints with the NH AG or burn up the cell phone minutes to DC to find some group willing to file injunctions or lawsuits to prevent the wholesale corruption of people who just want to sit back and enjoy their long-term, government-financed, fun-employment while they wait for the democrats to return to power, so they can create some "real jobs" up in Concord with taxpayer money? 

Who on the left will will stand up to these slave-driving capitalists and what will they say about a democrat governor who condones this kind of abuse in contradiction to the progressive party line?  These jobs could improve peoples lives without the democrat party ever seeing a dime of their monthly wages.  And how can the socialist democrats guarantee they will have some kind of regulatory control if the jobs are not created as a result of congressional pork, or some expensive and inefficient, left wing boondoggle with all the necessary bureaucratic strings attached? 

These jobs probably wont waste a dime of taxpayer money.  What the hell kind of job creation program is that?  And what about John Lynch?  Just the other day he was blaming our superior employment figures on low state taxes, and now he’s talking about 1500 new manufacturing jobs?  How are the liberals going to get all those big, broad, grow government taxes they want if low taxes, and smaller government actually do create job growth?  And how do they stop the free market from creating jobs they can’t possibly approve of or worse accept that the free market and low taxes creates jobs, without looking like…well, hypocrites?

It’s a problem.  But then for democrats, hypocrisy always is.


H/T Paul Feely, Union leader


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