Has Hodes Joined The Party Of No? - Granite Grok

Has Hodes Joined The Party Of No?

Have you noticed that Paul Hodes is running on the things he voted against?  It’s a very short list and represents less than a fraction of 1% of his votes, but wouldn’t that mean he’s running as the party of no?

I thought no was bad.  In fact, for the past two years, "no" has been the bane of progress.  Yet here we are, weeks from the November elections, and Paul Hodes is suddenly hiding under a chair somewhere across the aisle from where he usually treads–peeking over the top of the chair in front of him past knurled white knuckles–claiming he’s against all that spending stuff.

He’s not alone.  Anyone who is not gerrymandered into a safe seat is running away from themselves.