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Hodespocrisy –‘Chamber Of Commerce’ Edition

Paul Hodes gets an ‘A+’ for toeing the Pelosi/Obama Party line, and a least an ‘A’ for recycling the party talking points. For example, Barack Obama has been wandering around claiming the Chamber of Commerce is using foreign money to affect local elections. Paul Hodes has been wandering around New Hampshire saying the exact same thing.

Hodespocrisy Flashback- Why I Call Him Paul “Sugar Daddy” Hodes

A few months back I discovered that Paul Hodes had received a one time $10,000.00 donation from American Crystal Sugar (A major US Sugar conglomerate), at about the same time as the 288 billion dollar 2007/2008 Farm bill was being pushed through congress, and vetoes overrode.  US Sugar is a protected industry with a good …

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Hodes Dogs of Hypocrisy

For 2010, before "discovering" that he was against earmarks in an election year, Paul Hodes, democrat congressman and candidate for the US Senate requested over 51,000,000.00 million in appropriations.  That earned him the distinction of being ranked the 45th highest earmarker in the entire House of Representatives for 2010. That’s 45 out of 435 in …

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New Hampshire On The Potomac

Paul Hodes is trying desperately to change his image to that of a fiscal hawk and independent voice, but Paul has some monumental hurdles to get that line past the party base and into the general populace.  First, if he want’s anyone without Kool aid stained lips to buy into the fiscal song and dance …

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Hodespocrisy– It’s Mr. Crowley

Paul Hodes knows Joe Crowley. He accepted a $2000.00 campaign donation from Crowley’s Job’s Opportunities & Education PAC. Crowley is the DCCC’s finance chairman which is actually kind of humorous given the ethics charges against him.

Hodespocrisy–The Menendez Chronicles

Being as concerned as they are about ethics and corruption (over at the offices of the New Hampshire Democrat Party) you’d think Paul ‘Jersey’ Hodes would have refused that $10,000.00 campaign contribution from Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ).  Menendez is a long time benefactor of corrupt SEC violator Goldman Sachs (see below) and being from Jersey’s …

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