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Defund Police

Defund the Police

“Defund the Police,” is a now a mainstream moniker. Minneapolis now has a veto-proof majority in city government to scrap the entire police department. The problem is they have no plan to replace the police with an alternative.

This is a knee jerk emotional reaction to the horrendous killing of George Floyd. Defund the Police is the rallying cry for leftists, ANTIFA kids, and other assorted societal malcontents.  A majority of the City Council members have publicly declared they will defund and disband their Police Department.

Soy BoyIn Seattle, Far-left Cucks and Soy Children have created the Capitol
Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) amidst violent clashes with police.  Meanwhile, Seattle leadership articulates no plan to deal with it,  and spout anti-Trump bluster versus taking the reigns of leadership. “Tofudishu,” as I like to call it, is the real-time version of Lord of the Flies, as Senator Ted Cruz, aptly pointed out.

Another Soy BoyThereafter, these Soy Boys and girls are now patrolling the 6 block Autonomous Zone with guns…Yes, indeed, the same guns they wanted banned. The malcontents and miscreants have set up barricades and walls, despite their railing against the Trump Administration for building borders and walls. They are shaking down businesses in the zone for, “Taxes,” so they may be allowed to operate. Yes…Extortion is taking place at the barrel of a gun. According to the New York Post, “Police allegedly refused to respond to shop under attack near Seattle CHAZ.” Think about that. You own a business. A bunch of Cucks…a mob decides they are going to threaten destroy, terrorize you, so you call the Police. The Police do not come.

The movement to defund and dismantle police departments likewise enjoys widespread opposition from the American People. In fact, many are downright terrified at the notion. Summarily, we now all bear witness to what people imagine life in America will be like without that thin blue line of law and order. Crime will skyrocket, undoubtedly. All manner of criminality will increase. Robberies, Rapes, Murders Assaults will all exponentially increase at epic levels. To put it plainly, it would be a “shit show,” like we’ve never witnessed. The elderly and the vulnerable will be the first victims.

However, there are those of us who will fare just fine. As humans and as human behavior goes, we always fill power vacuums and this clearly would be a power vacuum in the absence of police. What we’re not looking at is the other side of the coin. The veterans, the preppers, those civilians who have taken the time, bought the guns and gear and have invested countless hours of training and dedication in a craft at which lefties love to poke fun. Mainstream Americans are people that care about their neighbors and communities. Were things to unravel to the point where there were no police, friends, and neighbors would band together to solve problems affecting them and their families.

What do you think will happen when a few of these dumb cucks show up at a home to steal ones’ stuff or break ones’ house? Brains all over the road. That will happen. Citizens won’t be having any part of it. Violence will be met with violence. Consequently, these Cucks will get hammered. It is the natural progression of societies with voids in power.  Naturally, the sheep among us will look to us to protect them. That doesn’t go away.

Let this be a warning to all of those hacks currently holding municipal and state seats. If you are derelict in providing public safety for the citizens that elected you, the citizens will indeed perform that function. It will be messy, violent, and horrible. But that’s what you sign on for when you think it a good idea to defund the police. America wants its police. Communities need their police. And if you put police aside, you will pay for your malfeasance. I for one will see to that personally.