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What Self Defense Looks Like In 2020

Second Amendment
Self Defense in 2020 takes on a whole new face. It’s scary. It’s messy. It’s ugly and it’s dangerous. We will be bearing witness to untrained citizens engaging in self defense as these spoiled criminal children invade peoples neighborhoods, attempt to break stuff, loot and pillage.
Such is the case here for the self defense of Mark & Patricia McCloskey. the McCloskey’s took up arms in an effort to ward off a bunch of Soy-Cuck Hoodlums who invaded their St. Louis Missouri home. Yet, Several lame stream media sources referred to the hoodlums as, “peaceful,” protesters.
Cucks: “Those people had guns!”

The media endlessly whined about the protesters having guns pointed at them. The Media claims the protesters were merely, “walking by,” the McCloskey property.  Mark and Patricia exited their home, armed and demanded the protesters leave the property.  The protesters had broken a gate and entered private property, despite warning signs against Trespass. The “Peaceful,” protesters then swore at the McCloskey’s, and threatened them. Peaceful protesters my ass.

The last three weeks have been a non-stop media frenzy of rioting, looting, burning of buildings and laying siege to entire blocks, such as been done in Washington, DC and Seattle. Police officers have been injured, shot and several people killed. Those, “Peaceful Protesters”? There have been instances where people have called for Police assistance and there has been no response. Imagine the helplessness of some being savaged by these criminals and the Police are not coming.

Panic Buying of Guns


The Panic-buying of guns since March has been at a frenzied pace. Dealers are lamenting not being able to get their inventories recharged very quickly. On line sales for parts are absolutely non-existent. Everything is on back order for who knows how long. People are scared. People are frightened. The sober reality that they may be on their own for their safety and for the safety of their families has set in.

Its pretty clear the McCloskey’s have a training deficit. I don’t point that out as a criticism, but rather, as an observation. They could use some training.  Consequently, few people take seriously the need to seek out training.
   Despite the instability in society right now, many folks are still in the fugue of  cognitive dissonance.  In spite of the lame stream media imagery, Normalcy bias rules the day still for many. Summarily, scenes like what we saw with the McCloskey’s will likely play out again somewhere in America. People feel pretty helpless and don’t hold faith the Police will show up to intervene.
Many in the 2A community have taken to piling onto the McCloskey’s.   It isn’t enough these people are being absolutely savaged by the leftists with memes and lefty fare. Left Wing Kool-Aid drinkers  sit in Mom’s basement, eating Hot Pockets waiting for such opportunities. But the 2A community is completely disappointing.  Complete Blowhards. Ego’s on display. Criticizing these people for the mere purpose of, “Virtue Signaling,”  to show all who read their on line screed that, “they know stuff about guns.”
Hey! “gun guys!” Here’s a newsflash for you. Nobody really gives a shit, “how much you,” know. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what you know until you’re in a gun fight. Only then, do we see just how much YOU know( or what you don’t know, that you thought you knew)…and how much that really matters. Go be all operator with a bag of Doritos or something.
Mentors in guncraft need to be proactively reaching out, forging relationships and inviting people to train, more than ever.
In the meantime, expect MORE of this to happen. Unskilled, untrained gun owners possess NO LESS right of self defense than the rest of us. Yeet Cannons and Uncle Mike Holsters and all. Yes. We’ll see the warts. First rule of combat: No plan survives first contact.  
One comment I saw on my favorite distasteful Social media platform was one such self-professed gun guy who posted, ” One rifle…about fifty people. odds not good for him.  Lets revisit last year when all the commies were putting forth legislation… “Nobody needs 30 bullets!” If there are fifty Cucks outside your house with Molotov Cocktails and other various weapons, seems to me ( and most other reasonable people) a higher round count will increase your odds of quelling the disturbance.  If one or two cucks get popped in the grape and end up on the ground doing, “dirt snow angels,” with a canoe where his forehead used to be, those Cucks are going to turn tail and run. We’ve already witnessed examples where the criminals attacked and retreated when a gun was brought to bear.
If you’re a person who is skilled in guncraft, you have both a duty and obligation to shepherd folks like the McCloskey’s, “Yeet Cannons” and all… not poking fun at the mustard stain on the shirt. Colonel Cooper’s First Gunfight Rule: Bring a gun.  Train hard and train well.