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Mask Mandates: The Angle Nobody Is Talking About


Mask Mandates are as contagious as the China Virus. Monkey-See, Monkey-do with the masks. The Sheep in the populace are screaming for masks, living in fear, and asking for the almighty boot of government to lick.

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Nashua was the first Granite State Municipality to implement a mask mandate. Eleven other cities followed. Now, the Queen City is in pursuit of the Mad Mask Mandate. The debate rages on about the merits of the mask. Yet, nobody is talking about the uglier, darker side of the mandate: The Citizen enforcer; The Karen.

Oddly enough, if one enters a Walmart, Hannaford, or Shaw’s, nearly every shopper is wearing a mask. Face coverings are a testament to stupid human behavior. Those same people wearing the mask do not follow social distancing guidelines.

In like fashion, I observed one woman reach over the shoulder of another to grab a jar off an upper shelf. “I got my mask…It’s all good.” The mask is but one component for not getting sick. Handwashing, keeping ones’ distance and not randomly touching things also goes hand in hand with not getting the Chinese Flu.

Summarily, the mask is a sham. Flare-ups and hot spots across the globe and at home where mask restrictions are in place.  The mask is a false hope of protection.  People are not washing their hands. Folks are messing with their masks and not social distancing.

Mask Nazis and Enforcers
Okay Karen
The Author wearing his “Forced Compliance” Mask.

Early on, Nashua passed its Mask Ordinance adopted on May 23rd. #O-20-018; I work in Nashua, outside in the open air, alone. I knock on doors and back up approximately 14 feet. Occasionally, a person will come out of their house to sneer at me or scold me because they “don’t like my mask.

I have had people knock on the window of my vehicle. Thereafter, I put the window down and they yell about me not wearing a mask.  Other mixed results flow. One gentleman told me I was a schmuck for wearing the mask. The crazy is completely manifesting. Nashua Police have made arrests for assaults where people have undertaken enforcement.

Nashua has become a mean nasty place. Mask enforcers are everywhere. Bullies yell at people, get in their faces, (Yeah, Social Distancing? Not so much). Mask Mandates are the perfect prescription for society’s Karens to inflict their frustration on others.

The Net Result of Mask Mandates

The virus is going to do what the virus will do.  Despite Mayor Jim Donchess’ highest and best efforts, and his long-suffering advocacy for the mask, He contracted the Kung Flu. Several others at City Hall have also contracted the Rona. “Mayor Super Spreader?”

The debate rages on. To mask or not to Mask. And how about that medical exemption? People do not care that you might have part of a lung missing, or Asthma, or past maxillofacial injuries. They just want to get that rush from forcing you to mask up.

Mask Mandates bring out the darker side in humans. Specifically, those humans that live for minding the business of others. I have not been subjected to a Mask Karen, but I have witnessed a woman berating an elderly woman who could not put her mask on quick enough for another. I did intervene with some forceful words and the Karen did back down.

People are picked on and bullied. Some people take it upon themselves to enforce the mask mandate. I always ask, “Have you read the ordinance? Boldly enough they often say, “No.” If they say, “Yes,” I then ask, “Upon what authority within the ordinance do rely on to enforce the ordinance?” I carry a copy of the ordinance and I offer it.  Frequently, they simply walk away.

Helpful Pointers Confronting Mask Nazis

If you are not a bold and confident person, ignore these pointers. Let us look out for our fellow citizens that are easily intimidated. Remember that people who try to engage in citizen enforcement have other personal problems.

  • Square up on the person and make eye contact. If they look away, move and force eye contact. Get between them and their intended target if not you.
  • Confront them on their behavior. tell this it is completely unacceptable and it would benefit everybody if he or she would just mind his or her business.
  • Call them out. Ask them upon what authority do they rely in mask enforcement.  Make them cite it from the ordinance. Stay on that and ignore emotional rants.
  • Offer them a copy of the ordinance as a way to assist them in citing the authority upon which they rely.
  • If they kick things up a notch, Inform them that you are going to call the Police and ask to have him or her arrested.
  • Warn them that any unlawful use of force will be met with force.

Do not swear at the enforcer or call the enforcer names. Be forceful, maintain eye contact and stay calm, but resolute.

Most of these people will back down when a forceful but reasonable response comes their way.