No Escape From the Angry Lawless Mobs? - Granite Grok

No Escape From the Angry Lawless Mobs?

Imagine driving in your car with your child in the back seat as you turn onto a street and suddenly a mob surrounds your car. The angry mob suddenly starts beating on your car and threatening you with violence. People start opening the doors, breaking windows and threatening you. Fear for your life grips you. Your car might just be your coffin.

You call 9-1-1 and the dispatcher responds,

“We can’t do anything ma’am, The city told us that this is a sanctioned event.”

The Police are not coming. Trapped inside your car, there is no escape. Nobody is going to stop this mob. You do not know why they have targeted you and they are destroying your vehicle, ripping it to shreds. Essentially you are at the mercy of this mob. Seriously bodily injury, or even death is suddenly very real.

It is time for people to start critically thinking about this very topic. How do we approach this topic? What will you do? How will you survive?


Simply do not go to those areas. Do not want to get caught in a riot? Don’t go to where the rioters are.  “This is a free country! I have a constitutional right to go to public places without these Cucks interfering with my freedom!”  One Hundred per cent correct! You do. However, this is about avoiding trouble. find another route. Simply planning ahead avoids a boatload of problems.


Driving, you observe a mob 500 yards ahead blocking the road. Stop, turn around and proceed in the other direction. Don’t continue on! Why wade into that mele?


We should be in the habit of locking all the doors of our vehicles when we leave home or when we are driving anywhere. Make sure you put your windows down a half inch, making them more difficult to break. If the mob is simply pounding on the windows and shouting obscenities, that activity alone, at that time, may not rise to the level where you’re in peril.

It is important to know this may be viewed as assault with a motor vehicle.  Where the mob is illegally blocking the road,  you put yourself in legal peril of prosecution if you mow the cucks down, yet  are unable to articulate a reasonable and legitimate threat of bodily harm or death.


The violence escalates. Protesters are using bricks, clubs, steel pipes, and they are attempting to breach the windows to access the interior. It is reasonable to assume they attempting to enter with the intent to commit an unlawful assault  or use of force on you. Drive your car forward, bumping them out of the way, while laying on your horn. Don’t just, “mow them down.” Avoid that. If a protester gets stuck under your vehicle, that could potentially disable your vehicle.

Personally, if my vehicle is attacked and there is no pathway of escape…and violence is imminent, as they are attempting to make entry, I am probably going to unholster my firearm and introduce that person to Jesus.