“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater

A common theme heard from whiney liberals these days is that conservatives, tea-party patriots and some Republicans take absolute positions on issues and are unwilling to compromise, “for the good of the people.” There are four fundamental flaws in that logic.

First, how liberals define compromise. In final analysis, compromise means abandoning ones principles and going along with liberals, perhaps watering down some measure that renders the original principle sought after inoperable.

Second, the logic implies that the maker of the statement (the liberal) is irrefutably correct. The liberal implies all facts are on his or her side.

Third, liberals just love those who go along because that means the opposition is malleable. The opposition has weak links in their unity and party platform.

Finally, it implies a tacit acknowledgement by the “compromiser” that perhaps the liberal, “is correct” in his or her logic.

There is nothing wrong with spirited and sometimes bitter partisanship. The citizens governed should have clear unambiguous choices. Voting for most Republicans means one favors less government intrusion, reasonable and lower taxes, whereby the majority is not paying for the select few to live off the many. One favors a government that is both responsible socially, and looks to people, not government as a first resort to solve problems.

The RINO REPORT has featured those Republicans in Name Only who have distinguished themselves as the harlots of the left. Those who run on principles claiming to be an, “independent voice” in Concord without ever being held accountable to say, what that really means. Those folks could easily be on a Leftist-progressive ticket and fellow Republicans would never really know the difference, mush less miss them.

As the RINO report moves forward, ROTW now segues into a considerably more ambiguous analysis. For example, This weeks RINO  REPORT took a hard look at Rep. Lawrence B. “KOKO” Perkins, Rockingham 14 to be featured. When one drills down into his voting record, however, it is easy to see that Perkins voted predominantly with Conservatives on Guns, Liberty and Families.  While he took a walk on Right to work and voted for spending measures that favor Unions over regular working class folks, being a firefighter gave us no illusions about what he would or would not support. Morover, he gave the PFFNH cover. Their campaign contributions to Perkins allows Davind Lang and his ilk to say they are, “non-partisan” when in fact, they overwhelmingly support Democrats. And that is… when he showed up. While he might have voted on issues important to me, the fact is he still voted for Unions. Does it make him a RINO? Readers must judge that for themselves.

This week, I chose a House Rep who, like Perkins, has voted favorably for issues important to me, but also voted for some very ugly anti-family positions, pro-statist positions. One has to ask the question, “What does the citizen gain within liberty for some areas and not in others?” It becomes a zero-sum game trying to sort it out and for that very reason, voters are not well-served.

Irene M. Messier, Hillsborough District 17 from Manchester is this week’s RINO OF THE WEEK. While Irene is a nice person, her voting record shows a strong fealty to some very liberally invasive interests. Here are a few examples of Representative Messiers’ votes:

  • Representative Messier voted against the Parental Notification Bill. Parents of unemancipated minors sign forms ad nauseum when invasive medical procedures, medications and any sort of treatment for the child, yet Messier opposes a parent’s right to be informed if the same child is to have an abortion.
  • ROTW_Irene_messier_08_19_11_GROK.gif

  • Representative Messier voted against CACR9 advocating for parents rights in favor of government second-guessing how their children are raised.
  • Representative Messier voted against the Kimberly Cates Bill which would expand the death penalty for murders committed during a home invasion.
  • Representative Messier voted for a resolution urging our congressional delegation to support earmarks for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.
  • She voted against the privacy rights of Granite Staters for a bill repealing a database of uninsured people.
  • She voted for a subsidy to Milk producers…an emergency relief fund…literally, a “cash cow” constituency.
  • Representative Messier voted against the repeal of Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

Representative Messier might be a far better choice in office than some other west-side progressive, but Representative Messier is this week’s RINO OF THE WEEK because she has chosen to vote for measures that would otherwise make life more instrusive and more difficult for Granite Staters, were it not for the present majority.


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