“Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have.” ~Barry Goldwater

THE RINO OF THE WEEK is four term House Representative William J. Remick.  Representative Remick’s voting record reveals a demonstrated pursuit of the moderate label by voting with his liberal pals up in the legislature. The liberal tax and spend democrats owe Representative Remick something because he voted for every single tax and spend measure put forth by the Democrats in this legislature.

Representative Remick voted consistently against the Republican agenda in Concord on a whole host of  Liberty and social issues.  Like that of his RINO Counterparts, Representative Remick is also an enthusiastic advocate of some nanny-statism and  was ranked by the New Hampshire House Republican Alliance with a whopping score of 51%.

  • Voted against HB 125 a law that would support the right of the Granite State to regulate firearms within its sovereign borders as a state;
  • ROTW_Remick_08_12_11_Grok.gif

  •  Voted against HB210, commonly referred to as, “Stand Your Ground” Which, “allows a person who is in any place where he or she has a right to be or reasonably believed he or she had a right to be to use deadly force to protect oneself.”
  •  Voted against HB474 Which would end Labor Union’s ability to compel non-union workers from paying agency fees as a condition of employment;
  •  Voted against CACR 9 affirming that parental rights are a natural right; “Provides that parents have the natural right to control the health, education, and welfare of their children.”
  •  Voted against HB519  A bill repealing the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative…a a cap-and-trade system that has raised electricity prices, created a slush fund for the member states, and has no impact on reducing emissions.
  • Voted against HB133 to override the Governor’s veto of eliminating a state minimum wage.

Bill Remick shows himself to be a “concensus politican.” In holding himself out to be an “independent voice” he is worried whether or not the progressives like him. His voting record clearly reveals that he could be a rank statist, yet other votes would lean otherwise. Independent? Hardly…Representative William Remick is a, “make-nice” sort of guy and for that he is this week’s RINO…OF THE WEEK.


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