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It is fair

It’s Called Blacklisting

Research from the Center for the Study of Partnership and Ideology suggests One in three Conservatives in Academia has been threatened with disciplinary action for expressing their beliefs.

Why Did That Happen?

Why Did That Happen? … Will it Happen Again?

We know that political violence begets political violence. It is a fact, it never changes. We watched political violence in our streets for all of 2020. We have to be against that. No matter who commits the violence or under what pretext.

The mandate for unity

The Mandate for Unity … Decency Fairness and Hope

Biden is claiming the mandate for unity. Nobody becomes president or president-elect until vote counts are certified. Fact. Victory speeches aside, the media and the Democrat candidate, are getting the cart before the horse. Over the weekend Biden spoke of his mandate to govern. It might be premature to claim a mandate before you get …

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Black and white

Regression is Still Possible … Enlightenment

Black supremacy is the belief black people are inherently superior to others. From it flows the belief blacks should reign supreme. No decent person supports this idea. The same applies if we substitute white for the word black in the first two sentences of this paragraph.

Teachers Unions Education Children

Joe Biden’s Promise to Defund Charter Schools

America is beginning to see a clearer picture of what Biden’s America would look like. Going to Leftist policies means less choice, and it certainly means higher taxes. We’ll pay more and get less. But we will all be the same whether we are or aren’t.

Financial success is social success.

Financial Success is Social Success

Financial success is social success and justice is always fair. These are the types of soft thoughts that get us in trouble. Corporations never lose sight of the facts. Financial success frequently correlates with brilliant corporate culture.