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Financial Success is Social Success

Financial success is social success.

Financial success is social success and justice is always fair. These are the types of soft thoughts that get us in trouble. Corporations never lose sight of the facts. Financial success frequently correlates with brilliant corporate culture.

The internet has spread and grown. This is enabling the spreading of genius. Yet genius clustered. What’s up with that? Should we be interested in such counter intuitive happenings?

More broadly, most people enjoy being around other people. They like interaction. People like patronizing businesses providing services they want or need. Businesses can have larger client bases in places of higher human density. This may be good but it does have risk.

For sports it is true the quality of televisions enables an amazing viewing experience at home. But TV does not recreate the excitement of being in a crowd. We so far cannot recreate the bands, the cheering, or the thrill of looking to your left and right at other fans. The participation and involvement are still missing with the TV experience.

Who knows how the fellow building the “Disneyland of Football” sees the future. Today the general sense is he’s betting on an optimistic one. We sense that he understands the human condition better than do the Chicken Littles in our midst. They can only see a dystopian present and assume there’s more of the same to come.

The belief, the reward, the advance

The mask Nazi’s future is made of humans literally avoiding other humans. Masks, gloves and disinfectant are required nearby… always. Violators must be reported and re-educated. The recalcitrant will face elimination. Won’t it be a wonderful place? Seig Heil!

What’s great is that the entrepreneur, Crawford, is putting copious amounts of money behind his vision. This is what entrepreneurs do. We’re lucky to have people like him. We need People who have the courage to take people where they’re not sure they want to go. Entrepreneurs make what we need… often before we realize we need it.

Will Crawford be right? There’s no way of knowing. Until he opens. It’s a reminder of why we need more entrepreneurs. It is also why we need less government spending. Since the future is opaque, we need more of the former and less of the latter. Without private investment, without private risk taking the future holds only what we have today. Progress stops.

So, when you go to your next BLM, Antifa, Anarchist, and Islamist rally ask yourself: Where does this take us? Will this have a future of growth and change? Are people going to have a higher standard of living? When you suppress free speech, freedom of thought, freedom of association; exactly how are things going to get better?

Financial success is social success and justice is always fair… NOT! When we stop tolerating people and things that are different how do we improve? Doesn’t improvement come from making things that don’t work well work better? Just asking… Remember there’s an election coming. Which side are you on?