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The Mandate for Unity … Decency Fairness and Hope

The mandate for unity

Biden is claiming the mandate for unity. Nobody becomes president or president-elect until vote counts are certified. Fact. Victory speeches aside, the media and the Democrat candidate, are getting the cart before the horse. Over the weekend Biden spoke of his mandate to govern. It might be premature to claim a mandate before you get a concession or are certified the winner. Just saying. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

Biden made the claim his mandate extends to marshalling the “forces of decency, fairness, science, and hope.” What the hell does that mean? What’s fair to demented Uncle Joe does not pass muster as fair here. His idea of selling his office and enriching his family at the expense of the nation we take a dim view of here. How are we going to have unity when we cannot agree on the facts and what is true?

Joe can’t spell science unless he copies it. And Joe, hope is not a plan. And your plan is anti-American, socialist and unconstitutional. Your stated method of implementation is coercive and intolerant. Happy unity message Joe. You have some work to do to get buy in Mr. Wannabe.

There was another point Biden gave voice to. Joe claims a mandate to come together, to unify as Americans. Biden says, “To make progress, we must stop treating our opponents as our enemy… We are not enemies. We are Americans.” Ever read Lincoln Joe? Good thought, not original, but good. Maybe you should take it to heart the way Lincoln did. That would be a good place to start.

Let’s meet at a place of mutual respect and tolerance

Who wouldn’t like America to be a place where we could enjoy cultural events together? We can’t do that Joe. You support masks and distancing and lockdown. People are going to starve if we follow you Joe. You want to kill the economy. Been there, done that. Can you remember that far back Joe?

And why is it we can’t go to cultural events without being lectured about the alleged evilness of our country? Do you think America is evil Joe? Say it plainly Joe. What is your position? Why can’t we attend family events without facing castigation as bigots? Riddle me that Joe?

It is your supporters doing these things Joe. Want unity Joe? Get your dogs back in your yard. Then start by taking responsibility for what your supporters have done to America? Clean up your own mess Joe. Then there’s room for discussion. Don’t do that Joe. No unity Joe. Got it? Elections have consequences but they are not always intended consequences.

Why is it we can’t go to cultural events in which we could disagree and still enjoy one another? Joe it isn’t your political opposition that is intolerant. We are not rioting, looting and harming people in the street Joe. That would be your supporters. Your supporters Joe, don’t seem to be listening to the mandate for unity.

Stop trying to kill western civilization and cancelling us

Why have your supporters been burning down American cities for a year? Where’s the hope in that activity Joe? Is that what you want us to unify around? Bite me Joe…

Who wouldn’t like an America where our neighbors no longer see us as cancel-culture targets? Just asking Joe. It is you and your supporters who are cancel culture. Is that what we are hoping for Joe? Are we to just accept cancellation Joe? Is this your unity? If so, don’t expect much help. Go talk to Jennifer Horne or Bill Krystal.

Or maybe we are hoping for an America in which we no longer have to fear our compatriots rioting and looting over make believe systemic injustices? A place in which our voter registration does not limit our social interaction. Why are you hectoring conservatives and classic liberals? Joe it your Anarchist, Antifa, BLM and Islamist supporters who want to kill western civilization.

Look Joe, unity is a goal conservatives and classic liberals cherish. It is you and your Leftist supporters who are unwilling. If you believe in the mandate for unity you have to get buy in from your supporters. Are they really your supporters Joe? Or are you just a shill, a front man to make their cause palatable?

Maybe they are ideologically unable to come together for anything but tearing things down. What have you Leftists ever built Joe? We have nothing left to give Joe. You want unity. You compromise. Our principles and values are too compromised already.  Enough is enough. Your turn, big guy.