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No Kindness, Friendship or Tolerance Allowed

Outrage Required. No Kindness, Friendship or Tolerance Allowed

Outrage Required. No Kindness, Friendship or Tolerance Allowed. Does it just make you angry when someone you don’t agree with very much says something really good? Well, Ellen DeGeneres is guilty of extending a hand in friendship. That is a good thing. What’s worse is, it is logically consistent with her values and principles. While we don’t share everything there are areas where working together is possible.


That’s not true for everyone though. Actor Mark Ruffalo lashed out against comedian Ellen DeGeneres Wednesday. He was rallying the outrage mob. It is easy to do. Ruffalo wants the outrage mob to criticize the talk show host. She committed the atrocity of calling for kindness the day before. What a Bitch! Right?

DeGeneres gave a monologue addressing critics. The outrage mob was furious fury over the comedian. Her sin was being seen chatting and joking. Worse; she was allowing herself to be seen with former President George W. Bush. Imagine that… she went to a Dallas Cowboys game. Her offense was appearing tolerant.

Her speech received distribution through mainstream media, social media, and radio. The media was hailing her positive message. She was guilty of encouraging friendship between people with differing views. That’s not a very Democrat message. It is liberal, tolerant and sounds distinctly Republican. What’s up with that?

How much is enough?

Many were not satisfied with the comedian’s response. Vanity Fair ran an article Wednesday accusing DeGeneres of being an elitist. Vanity fair calling people elitist is actually pretty rich if you think about it. It said her “imagined utopia seems increasingly out of touch with reality.” So we should stop dreaming and trying seems to be the take away.

Ruffalo agreed, retweeting a link to the piece. His message, Mark Ruffalo ✔ @MarkRuffalo. Sorry, until George W. Bush is brought to justice for the crimes of the Iraq War. (including American-lead torture, Iraqi deaths & displacement, and the deep scars—emotional & otherwise—inflicted on our military that served his folly). we can’t even begin to talk about kindness.

VANITY FAIR ✔ @VanityFair  For decades, Ellen DeGeneres has been the sunny representative for a brighter world we might all live in if we were kinder to one another. But that imagined utopia seems increasingly out of touch with reality


One fan also expressed her disappointment in Ruffalo’s message by saying, “To read this from you, one of my absolute favorite actors, is heartbreaking. It’s sad that you can’t see that we all need love and happiness in this world right now. I will forever now see you in a different light and that’s sad for me. No Kindness, Friendship or Tolerance Allowed?