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Joe Biden’s Promise to Defund Charter Schools

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America is beginning to see a clearer picture of what Biden’s America would look like. Going to Leftist policies means less choice, and it certainly means higher taxes. We’ll pay more and get less. But we will all be the same whether we are or aren’t.

President Trump has been reversing many of Obama’s decisions. The result was sparking revolutionary prosperity. Joe Biden promises to bring us back to Obama’s policies. Not only that, he wants to move even further left. The mantra used to be pro-choice. Being a Leftist means not tolerating choice. It will be one size fits all… and like it.

Biden promises to raise taxes. That is a move which could have a tremendous impact right now. It would not be a positive impact. He wants to eliminate funding for charter schools. No discussion, no easing into it. Just you lose. Get over it.

NEA and Thomas Sowell reason through the decision

What does this do in the world of public opinion? Lily Eskelen Garcia, the president of the National Education Association weighs in. In her estimation Joe Biden has the same feeling the NEA has about charter schools. She adds, [no] “private charter school will receive a penny of federal money. None.”

[Thomas Sowell] points out tens of thousands of students are on waiting lists for the charter schools. If they found placement at charters public schools would lose roughly $1 billion as those students transfer.

It appears Biden is siding with leftist teachers’ unions when he says he’d eliminate funding for charter schools. It kind of make you wonder where valuing educational excellence went. What ever happened to tolerance? Is there ever value in letting people try things that are different from what we are currently doing?

Charter schools provide a better alternative for parents seeking an escape from overcrowded public schools for their children. Millions of minorities may benefit from charter schools. Their children are given broader access to better school choices. Democrat run teachers’ unions are largely opposed to charter schools and school choice. Why? It takes money out of their pockets. Will Joe Biden’s promise to defund charter schools help you?