Gilford's Jake Maxwell - A GREAT Example of the Left's "Tolerance" and "Clever" Debating Skills - Granite Grok

Gilford’s Jake Maxwell – A GREAT Example of the Left’s “Tolerance” and “Clever” Debating Skills

Progressive Hate

Well, like most people, you’ve probably heard about the “vaunted” tolerance with which Progressives and Socialists keep hammering us over the head.

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No matter what their agenda item du jour happens to be, they always try to frame the debate that they are the tolerant ones no matter the topic and that the other side is uncaring, cold-hearted, and selfish. It is always about doing the “Othering” to the other side to do the demonizing.

Well, like many towns, our SB2 town had its second half of the deliberative process where the Legislative body (we, the voters) went to the polls. Most of you have obviously seen partisans and candidates standing in front of the polls holding signs and “totem” poles (with multiple signs attached) for their own candidacy, their favorite candidate, or articles on the warrant.

Well, Jake Maxwell and the Gilford Democrat Committee decided that they were going to make this about gender dysphoria in the School Board race (re: Policy JBAB on which I have written extensively; his testimony here).

Mr. Maxwell put “tolerance” on full display this past Tuesday. He’s the guy that called me a “hate blogger” during one of the Public Sessions during the debate on the Policy even as he was the one that was putting his son, Felix, (I don’t remember what his female name is) out there as a political pawn in the transgender political war.

It was CLEAR that anyone that opposed him was nothing but hateful, intolerant, uneducated, rubes, rednecks, homophobic, transphobic – you know, the normal litany that has been so overused it’s useless. But Maxwell hasn’t figured that out yet.

His outburst this Tuesday was another thing altogether.

Kyle Sanborn, who also testified against Policy JABAB, ran for the School Board and actually won. His Progressive opponent, Amber LaTorre, has called for a recount.

Angelo Farruggia, who also testified against Policy JBaB, was running for elected office for the first time (Selectboard). Both are friends and they were standing together.

So, what does Jake Maxwell do? Rapidly comes up to where they are standing with their signs and SCREAMED OUT a very high brow line:

Masticate (sexual innuendo) human excrement.

Well, after deftly avoiding my Rule #1, I think you know what he said.

He didn’t care how many people were outside the polling place. He didn’t care if there were children around (and yes, there are those of us who try to protect the innocence of young children). He didn’t care that others are allowed to have opinions other than his own. He didn’t care that moral and religious may differ from his.

No thought to any kind of interaction. No thought as to any discussion of opinion. And certainly, that line seems to encompass the entirety of his debating skills (which is to say, if it isn’t obvious already, is nothing at all). Just emoting and only emoting with anger.

Look, I have no problem with a father defending his child. I do have problems when a parent uses their child as a political punching bad. Just as SOON as Gov. Chris Sununu signed SB263 that codified gender identity as yet another protected class (Anyone remember that now-defunct adage of E Pluribus Union??), Maxwell pulled the trigger and the Left-leaning School Board pulled their’s on implementing their gender dysphoria EVEN AS SB263 calls for integrated plans that cover ALL of those protected classes and just not giving a green light to implement transgender policy.

So, no thought from Maxwell that others would begin a pushback against a badly written and internally inconsistent policy?  Nope – just profanities.

It’s who Progressives and Socialists are; they demand, not a civil discussion, but submission.  And if you don’t submit, you are only worthy of “eat effing shite”

Note: this has been edited after first publication