Trans Employee Fired for Calling Conservative Customer "f****** bigoted trash" - Granite Grok

Trans Employee Fired for Calling Conservative Customer “f****** bigoted trash”

Tiggered over the Flag And Pledge

A conservative with the Nebraska Family Alliance has a tradition. She frequents the same bistro once a week for breakfast and coffee. When one of the employees recognized her as a conservative, the employee snapped.

Today, an employee of the shop approached me and said, “Marilyn Synek! I didn’t recognize you until now, but I just realized who you are, what you stand for, and the work you do. You are f****** bigoted trash, and we do not want you in our restaurant. Over 80% of the people who work here are queer. You are not f****** wanted in our restaurant, so get out and don’t come back! If you do try to come back, we will all refuse any service to you.”

Eighty percent of the people working there may be queer. But only one of them snapped like a twig and decided that there her personal and political opinions were more important than the goals of her employer. To serve and satisfy paying customers.

Marilyn, again.

I’ve never broadcasted my political opinions in the shop before, and I have always treated the employees of Cultiva with respect and courtesy. While we, as Americans, can disagree politically, it is very important to maintain civility when interacting with people who hold different world views

The employer with the over 80% queer staff promptly fired the rude employee who, naturally, blames Marilyn.

 Nebraskans like myself do lose our jobs, and sometimes our living arrangements, because of who we are, and people like the Nebraska Family Alliance are why. Their money, their influence, and their national political allies are why Lincoln cannot mount a successful ballot initiative concerning Lincoln’s Fairness Ordinance.

The employee is the only one responsible for losing her job in an environment where 80% of the employees are queer.

It strikes me as tragic that she can’t seem to see what the actual problem was. They hired her. She had a job. But her politics ended it because she was incapable of acting like a decent human being to a customer who just happened to disagree politically.

No separation of Employment and ideology will often lead to a separation from employment.

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