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The Riddle of Steel – Liberty Version

As over 4,000 missiles were flying from Gaza towards Israel in a barrage that no country should endure or would be expected to endure were it any other country, I spoke with one of my best friends over there.  This was around the time I wrote this topical piece at Liberty’s Torch.

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Quick Takes: Hat Trick

Three quick-hit style bits of news & commentary. First, Thirteen Cuban refugees make it to Key West in a small rustic boat, are arrested upon arrival.

A Curious Incuriosity

I’ve discussed the impenetrability of most on the Left to new information on my old blog in a series coining (I think) the term Teflon Intellects.  Alas, that blog is gone for reasons not to be discussed here.

Quick Takes – Hat trick

1. Plans and agreements done in secret do not inspire confidence: Below is a link to a purported copy of the agreement between the Israeli government and Pfizer.  Per Dr. Malone, inventor of the mRNA technology: