Why I Don't Believe the NH Media When They Say We Are "Bed Short" With "Not enough Staff" - Granite Grok

Why I Don’t Believe the NH Media When They Say We Are “Bed Short” With “Not enough Staff”

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For a couple of weeks now, all we’ve been hearing is that NH hospitals are getting overloaded with patients – and using “COVID” rather broadly.  WMUR has certainly been doing its job on the WuFlu Panic Porn front with breathless announcements, updates, and anecdotal updates from our “health providers.”

Waiting (not with bated breath or even holding my breath) for two distinct data elements from the NH MSM about WHY!

The overall labor shortage has made this a worker’s haven – up and up are the salaries going. No mention, however, that this is driving inflation.  But this headline from North Carolina is a BIG part of #1 (reformatted, emphasis mine):

North Carolina Hospital System Suspends Hundreds of Employees After COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

A North Carolina health care system said it suspended hundreds of its employees after the firm implemented a COVID-19 vaccine mandate, adding that workers who refuse to get vaccinated after five days will be fired.

“Beginning this week, approximately 375 team members—across 15 hospitals, 800 clinics and hundreds of outpatient facilities—have been confirmed to be non-compliant and are not able to report to work,” stated a press release from Novant Health, which is based in North Carolina but operates in other states.

“They will have an opportunity to comply over a five day, unpaid suspension period,” the release said. “If a team member remains non-compliant after this suspension period, he or she will have their employment with Novant Health terminated.”

Yep – and that same mandate has been levied across much of the NH healthcare “fruited plain.” Get the Jab or get the unemployment appointment”.  Gosh, ya THINK that this might be part of it?  A Self-made major mistake?

This is going on all over the country and not just NH. Are they thinking about their Big Picture?  Sure, they don’t want to be sued over having staff working with patients that are not vaccinated – I get it as we are a very litigious society now.  They neither want the headache or cost of some person or family that’s looking for a payday (and yes, those kinds of folks exist) and “not vaccinated” may well become the green light on the pole at a drag race (the car kind, not men playing dress up!).

So, how many hospitals and clinics are getting rid of folks just for the “Healthcare PR” picture of “We care about you so we’re firing them”? Not snark – a serious question and ONE that no NH MSM outlet has asked. Not a single one.

#2 – Biden decided, by Executive Order, that HE has superior knowledge of the US Healthcare marketplace (and certainly more pandering skillz) by declaring that all nursing homes that received Medicare and Medicaid monies would get cut off if their staffs weren’t all vaccinated.

That healthcare industry has already been in a labor downslide and Dementia Joe decided that, after a year and a half to mandate that all healthcare folks without vaccines should (effectively putting it) “learn to code”?

So, who is going to create the “Granny and Grandpa Uber” to bring dear old (and maybe almost dying) Mom and Dad back to one of the sister or brother’s homes as said nursing homes give up and shut down? It should have been rather obvious that you can’t run such nursing homes without staff but there you go – yet another TREMENDOUS policy from the guy that couldn’t get Washington fixed after 48 years of being there thinking he’s all that and this is the way to the Progressive Nirvana they’ve been striving for during the last 120 years.

How’s this all working out for the rest of us as he’s “skinny-dipping” his flaccid butt in his swimming pool at home and forcing the female Secret Service agents to watch. Where’s the #MeToo crowd when you need them. Or rather those females needed you?  Ah, but he’s YOUR Progressive puppet, eh?  All forgiven on this frontal (except by we annoying Conservatarians that keep pointing out that hypocracy-but I digress).

Really, with such a kingly mandate, did Biden REALLY think (if there is any thinking brain cells left that haven’t left this mortal coil already) that these abattoirs of the old and infirm would remain open?  How about hospice care facilities, too?

Or is this just his way of bringing back the “extended family” tradition – by force – to US Society?

Who knows?  But when I see hospitals crying “we’re at 100% of only 80% of our usable beds if we had the staff”, I keep thinking “Did you do it to yourselves”????  I did have that post about a NY hospital where the maternity ward was shut down as half the staff quit over that hospital’s mandate.

I do have bookmarked story of a hospital that looked around after doing a similar mandate and groaned “Oopsies” when it just about shut the hospital down – they relented and pulled that mandate back when it saw what it did to their staffing.  Most of their staff left so in this labor market, what else could they do?

When most of your people go “rogue” and totally disregard a company’s intended result (“Oh, they won’t quit – they need their job!”) because of Principles (and these ARE healthcare workers who probably know more than the rest of us do!), it showed who had the Power.

I’ll update this when I find it.