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CARTOON: The Oldest Sacrifice Made Anew

My latest cartoon.  Next week I’ll probably re-run something from “a while ago” as – at $150 a pop – it’s starting to make a dent in the budget.



And three blast-from-the-past cartoons:


democula Eager to devour






This is a blow-up of the notice on the first image (I haven’t redone any of my older cartoons):

© 2021, NITZAKHON. Permission is given to use this image gratis provided credit is given to me, i.e., NITZAKHON, no alterations to the image or this notice are made, a mention and linkback to is given, and this cartoon is not used for commercial purposes




As I said in my post The Jab and Kids – Introducing PROJECT DREAD I am starting to compile a database of 18-and-under children who have died from the Jab.  I don’t have many yet but I’m starting to get some attention, like being asked to rewrite it for Gates of Vienna, and now it’s appeared on a site in France.  Here’s a sample of  my still-in-infancy database:


Amazing kids.  Lives cut short.  And for what?  A disease that kids have a 99.99+ percent chance of surviving?  This is nothing short of infant sacrifice.  Speaking of, two more on the Left’s sacrificing children – whether to advance Socialism and one-world government, or just in pursuit of consequence-free hedonistic org*sms: