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The Jab and Kids – Introducing PROJECT DREAD

Author’s note: The idea presented below will only work if this is shared widely to crowdsource information gathering.  Please share this as widely as possible – email, social media, etc.  To the best of your ability get this out, even if it means using the enemy’s platforms.

Even a few shares on fascistbook or twit or whatever gets it out there to more than would have seen it otherwise.  Another hint, at least back in the day when I was on twit, when you tag someone, put a period “.” before their name; e.g., .@handle.  Supposedly that helps get it out there more broadly.

Copy your local talk show hosts (e.g., locally, Howie Carr (twit) and Jeff Kuhner (twit and gab) – and go national too… if we deluge them with tags, they’ll notice).  Copy pols like Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and RFK JrCandace Owens is a staunch mandatory-Jab opponent as is Michelle Malkin (twit, gab).  Copy “big sites” like WND, Gateway Pundit, etc.  Do it on GAB as well – and follow me there.  (IMHO Parler is useless at this point, but that’s MHO.)

Send it to sites like Children’s Health Network and LifeSiteNews, tag them (and if you add other suggestions in the comments I’ll edit them in here).

If I have to compile & format data day and night to make this work, I’ll do it.  The Jab, especially into kids, must be stopped BAMN.



In one of my Quick Takes I mentioned DREAD (link in the original):

But in a fascinating book about survival, The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes – and Why, I learned that people make huge errors in assigning actual risk levels.  One of the factors is dread.  Relentless dread overrides saner, calmer risk assessments.  One of the stats I’ve read is that over some not-in-memory distance, driving is statistically more dangerous than flying.  Yet there are people who refuse to fly and insist on driving, because they dread being in a plane crash.

I cited this soon after in Fear is the Mind Killer… I discussed, and the embedded video in that post also discussed, the role of dread and fear in shaping thoughts, overriding facts & logic, and how useful that is for aspiring tyrants.




In Jab Judo I argued for turning our enemy’s tactics against them.  I said we should not be captive to the word-meaning distortions of those who oppose us seeking the “fundamental transformation” of the US, but rather we should stick to established definitions, and other tactics.  Words mean things.  Which is why the Left loves to twist them so.

“When I use a word,’ Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, ‘it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.’

’The question is,’ said Alice, ‘whether you can make words mean so many different things.’

’The question is,’ said Humpty Dumpty, ‘which is to be master — that’s all.”

― Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

Since we are being subjected, constantly, to fear porn as a driver to convert to the Church of the Covidian, er, take The Jab, with Fausti pushing for kids in elementary school to have the Jab despite the virtually zero danger for children under 18 barring severe other factors.  As I’ve said, there is a relentless drive to push this into every living person.



Any person worthy of their title as parent would gladly sacrifice themselves for their children, and their heart will lock up with dread at the thought of a clear and present danger to those children.  My kids know I’ll die trying to save them – it’s why I carry, not just outside the house, but even inside too.


That’s why I have body armor for when, not if, when things start to get spicy.  So, consider the emotions that run through you at this heart-rending case of a 13 year old boy (bolding added):

The boy, Jacob Clynick, lived in Zilwaukee and had just completed eighth grade when he got his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine June 13 at a Walgreens store, said Tammy Burages, his aunt.

On the night of June 15, he had a bit of a stomachache, too, but it wasn’t severe enough to cause serious concern, Burages said.

Jacob went to sleep that night, and never woke up.

Grasp this: scant days after his second Jab, he’s dead.

I am looking to collect cases from across the globe of people, ideally children under 18 but probably into the 20’s, who get The Jab and die – or have horrific permanent side effects.  I’ve read about persons being crippled, having wracking & uncontrollable spasms, amputations, speech issues, blindness, strokes, tachycardia, etc.  Other horror stories would be babies who, breast feeding from their Jabbed-after-birth mother, die from inflamed and clotted arteries.  Two… that I know of.  Graphs and charts and data – e.g., Surak’s great work, below – have an effect… but nothing grips a parent’s heart with dread like personal cases like I’m trying to compile.  Ideally, the format would be:

Name, age, date of death/event recognized, days after the Jab

So, citing the above example:

Jacob Clynick, 13.  Went to bed with a sore stomach and never woke up.  Two days after his second Pfizer shot.

As you give this info in the comments, please also include links to source material if you have it.



Just stand up at school board or city council meetings and spend your allotted time reading the list.  And coordinate with others on our side to continue reading.

Name after name after name of children dead or catastrophically-injured after their Jabs, all on the record, recorded, and likely broadcast into the community via local-access TV and zoom-room attendance.



Please bookmark this page and start posting, in the comments, the cases you find.  Please share this widely – emails, social media (as you can, and don’t forget to tag people – again, “names” will see something trending when they get tagged multiple times and pay attention).  Reblog this on your own blog if you have one.  If I can get to 50 – and that should be a trivial thing! – I’ll wrap a post around it.  And continue.  What would be enormously effective beyond that is if there’s a handout too.  A picture, with the other information next to it.  Page after page after page handed out to school boards and other venues.  Can you imagine the effect of getting to the board meeting early and handing out a six-sheet double-sided listing of these to incoming attendees?  I’ll start compiling this too, so please include reference links so I can – ideally – get faces as well.

Perhaps throwing in one of Surak’s graphs at the top (link is to his latest such graph post, but do check his site for updates which he does regularly), using his title: “Number of serious vaccine adverse events by year as a multiple of 2017-2020”.  Right below the title, a question, in bold and large:

Number of serious vaccine adverse events by year as a multiple of 2017-2020

Notice something happening with bad vaccine events starting in 2021?

Then his analysis text just below:

  • 62% higher than deaths from all vaccines combined from 1988 to 2020;
  • approximately 5 times the number of people murdered on 9/11;
  • 31 times the average number of vaccine deaths per year from 2017 to 2020.

Then, “CHILDREN AND COVID VACCINATIONS” and then page after page after page of images & text like this:

Boy, 13, dead two days after second Jab

No parent, seeing such a document, example after example, could fail to have a cold hand squeezing their heart from dread.  And begin musing about building gallows for any school board that insists on vaccinations anyway.

It’s a war.  Start being a warrior for your children, your grandchildren, and your civilization’s children.  Or prepare for the real possibility of burying your child.

Find your steel.  It’s time.  One… becomes two, becomes ten, becomes a multitude… becomes an army.